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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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A. J Balfour


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A. J. Balfour : Foundations of Belief

?I have read two books lately wh. interested me. One for wh. you will not care is a history of English law down to the time of Edward I by F. W. Maitland?. The other book is A. J. Balfour?s Foundations of Belief, wh. are, I think about the very oddest foundations that any man ever tried to lay ? being chiefly reasons for believing nothing. I preached a kind of sermon about it to the Ethical Society here; taking his arguments & working out their proper result. It will, I believe, appear in the Fortnightly for June; but it is not worth taking the trouble to read.?

Century: 1850-1899     Reader/Listener/Group: Leslie Stephen      Print: Book


A. J. Balfour : The Foundations of Belief

'I have finished Balfour. Of course I don't do the book justice, but the last two or three pages seem to me very inconclusive.'

Century: 1850-1899     Reader/Listener/Group: Emma Darwin      Print: Book


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