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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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Habershon Matthew
Habington William
Hacket John
Hackett Francis
Hackman James
Haeckel Ernst
Haeckel Ernst Heinrich Philipp August
Haggard H. Rider
Haggard Henry Rider
Haggard Rider
Hahn-Hahn Ida Grafin
Hailes David Dalrymple, Lord
Haire Norman
Hakewill Dr George
Hakluyt Richard
Hale E. E.
Hale Matthew
Hale Nathan
Hale William
Hales Stephen
Halifax Robert
Hall Basil
Hall Bishop
Hall Bishop Joseph
Hall Captain Basil
Hall Colonel Francis
Hall Francis
Hall Harold Fielding
Hall James
Hall John
Hall Joseph
Hall Julian
Hall Mrs S.C.
Hall Mrs Samuel Carter
Hall Radclyffe
Hallam Arthur
Hallam Henry
Halley Edmond
Halpin Nicholas John
Hamer [anon] H
Hamerton Philip Gilbert
Hamerton (editor) Philip Gilbert
Hamilton Anthony
Hamilton Antoine
Hamilton Captain Thomas
Hamilton Elizabeth
Hamilton Mary Agnes
Hamilton Miss Elizabeth
Hamilton Molly
Hamilton Sir William
Hamilton Thomas
Hamilton William
Hamilton William Douglas
Hamley Edward
Hamley Edward Bruce
Hammond Henry
Hammond James
Hankinson Rev. J.E.
Hanley James
Hansteen Professor
Hanway Jonas
Hanway Mary Ann
Hardenberg Friedrich Ludwig Von
Hardie Frank
Hardie Keir
Hardy Florence
Hardy Thomas
Hare Julius
Harley Mrs
Harnack Alfred von
Harness William
Harpole J
Harries John
Harrington Henry
Harrington James
Harris Arthur
Harris Captain W. Cornwallis
Harris Elizabeth
Harris Frank
Harris James
Harris William [?]
Harrison Austin
Harrison Elizabeth
Harrison F.
Harrison Frederic
Harrison Frederick
Harrison Jane
Harrison Lucy
Harrison William
Hart Elizabeth Anna
Hart John
Hart Liddell
Harte Bret
Harte Francis Bret
Harte Walter
Hartley David
Hartshorne The Revd. C. H.
Harvey Christopher
Harvey Gabriel
Harvey W.H.
Harvey William Fryer
Harvey Darton Frederick Joseph
Harwood Thomas
Haslam John
Hasselquist Fredrik
Hastie Jas (James)
Hastings (Basil) Macdonald
Hastings (and Eden Philpotts) (Basil) Macdonald
Hauptmann Gerhart
Havell Ernest B.
Hawkesworth John
Hawkins Anthony Hope
Hawkins Henry
Hawkins John
Hawkins John L.
Hawkins John Luther
Hawkins Laetitia
Hawkins Laetitia Matilda
Haworth Richard
Hawthorne Nathaniel
Hay Ian
Hay Marquis of Chatele, Paul
Haydon Benjamin Robert
Hayley W
Hayley William
Haym Nicola Francesco
Hays Mary
Hayward Abraham
Hayward John
Hayward Mary
Haywood Eliza
Haywood Eliza Fowler
Hazell A.P.
Hazlitt William
Head Francis Bond
Headley Henry
Heard Gerald
Hearn Lafcadio
Hearne Samuel
Heaton Ellen
Heber Reginald
Heelas R.
Heeren Arnold Hermann Ludwig
Hegel Georg Wilhelm Friedrich
Heine Heinrich
Heinroth Johann Christian
Helps Arthur
Helps Sir Arthur
Hemans F. D.
Hemans F.D.
Hemans Felicia
Hemans Felicia Dorothea
Hemans Felicia Dorothea Browne
Hemingway Ernest
Hemyng Bracebridge
Henault Charles Jean François
Henault Charles-Jean-François
Henderson Ebenezer
Henderson John
Henderson T.F.
Henley (probably) William Ernest
Henley Samuel
Henley W. E.
Henley William Ernest
Hennell Sara
Hennell Sara Sophia
Henry Matthew
Henry Robert
Henry The Revd. Dr. R.
Henry the Minstrel
Hensen Harry
Henty George Alfred
Hentzner Paul
Heraud John A.
Herber Reginald
Herbert A.P.
Herbert Agnes
Herbert George
Herbert Lord
Herd David
Herder Johann Goffried
Herder Johann Gottfried
Hergesheimer Joseph
Hermann Johann Gottfried Jakob
Hermant Abel
Herne John
Heron Robert
Herrick Robert
Herschel John
Herschel John Frederick William
Herschel Sir John
Hervey James
Hervey Lord
Herzen Alexander
Heude William
Hewer Will
Hewitt John
Hewitt Mary
Hewlett John
Hewlett Maurice
Hey John
Hey Rebecca
Hey Wilhelm
Heydon John
Heyer Georgette
Heylyn Peter
Heywood (attrib.) Thomas
Highmore Miss
Hildreth Richard
Hill Aaron
Hill Benson Earle
Hill Dr
Hill Mr
Hillard George Stillman
Hillhouse James Abraham
Hilton James
Hirth Georges
His Holiness the Rawal of Badrinath
Hitler Adolf
Hoadly Benjamin
Hobbes Thomas
Hobhouse John
Hobhouse John Cam
Hobhouse and A. Fenner Brockway, eds Stephen
Hobson J. A.
Hobson J.A.
Hobson John Atkinson
Hocking Joseph
Hocking Silas
Hodder Edwin
Hodgkin Thomas
Hodgson Francis
Hodgson Vere
Hodgson Burnett Sarah
Hody Humphrey
Hoffbauer Johann Heinrich
Hoffman E.T.A.
Hoffmann E. T. W.
Hoffmann Ernst Theodor Amadeus
Hoffmann von Fallersleben August Heinrich
Hogg James
Hogg Thomas Jefferson
Hogg William
Holbach Paul Henri Dietrich, Baron d'
Holberg Ludwig
Holcroft Frances
Holcroft Thomas
Holder Henry Evans
Holderlin Johann Christian Friedrich
Holland Charles James Fox, Lord
Holland John
Holland Lord
Holliday Robert Cortes
Holmes Edmond
Holmes Oliver Wendell
Holtby Winifred
Holty Ludwig Heinrich Christoph
Holyoake George Jacob
Home Anne
Home John
Home, Lord Kames Henry
Hone William
Hood Thomas
Hook James
Hook S. Clarke
Hook Theodore
Hooke Nathaniel
Hooke Robert
Hooke Theodore
Hooker Edward
Hooker Richard
Hooker [?] Richard
Hoole John
Hoole Joseph
Hoole Samuel
Hope Anthony
Hope Antony
Hope Thomas
Hopkins Gerard Manley
Hopkinson Tom
Hopper James Marie
Hoppner Richard Belgrave
Hopwood Captain Ronald A.
Horace Quintus
Horebow Niels
Horn Franz
Hornby Edward Thomas Stanley
Horne Bishop
Horne George
Horne Richard Hengist
Horne and Mary Gillies Richard Hengist
Horneck Anthony
Horner Leonard
Hornibrook F.A.
Hornsey John
Houghton Stanley
Housman A. E.
Housman A.E.
Housman Alfred Edward
Housman Laurence
Houssaye Arsene
Howard Charles
Howard George
Howard, Earl of Northampton Lord Henry
Howe Julia Ward
Howell James
Howells W.D.
Howells Wiliam Dean
Howells William Dean
Howes Edmund
Howie John
Howitt Mary
Howitt Wiiliam
Howitt William
Huber Francois
Huddersford George
Hudson W.(William) H.(Henry)
Hudson W.H.(William Henry)
Hudson William Henry
Hueffer Ford Madox
Hughes Joseph
Hughes Molly V
Hughes Richard
Hughes Thomas
Hughes Thomas [?]
Hughes Tom
Hugkel Jacob
Hugo Charles
Hugo Victor
Hugo Victor-Marie
Hull Cordell
Humberstone Thomas Lloyd
Humbertstone Thomas Lloyd
Humboldt Alexander van
Humboldt Alexander von
Humboldt W.
Hume Alexander
Hume David
Hume Fergus
Hume [David]
Humphrey James
Humphrey Ward Mary
Humphreys David
Huneker J. (James) G. (Gibbons)
Huneker J. (James) G. Gibbons
Hunt James Leigh
Hunt Leigh
Hunt Thornton
Hunt Violet
Hunt (ed) Leigh
Hunt (ed.) James Leigh
Hunt (ed.) Leigh
Hunt (EDITOR) Leigh
Hunt et al Leigh
Hunter Alexander
Hunter Anne
Hunter Joseph
Hunter Rachel
Huntingdon Selina Hastings, Countess of
Hurd Richard
Hurwitz Hyman
Huskisson William
Hutcheson Francis
Hutchinson J.
Hutchinson Lucy
Hutchinson William
Hutchison Stirling Amelia
Hutton Catherine
Hutton James
Hutton William
Huxley A
Huxley Aldous
Huxley Julian
Huxley T. H.
Huxley Thomas
Huxley Thomas Henry
Huysmans Joris Karl
Huysmans Joris-Karl
Hyde Sir Nicholas
Hyde (1st Earl of Clarendon) Edward
Hyde (Earl of Clarendon) Edward
Hylton Walter
Hyne Charles John Cutcliffe Wright
Hyslop James

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