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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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Tacitus Cornelius
Tacitus Publius Cornelius
Tagore Rabindranath
Tailhade Laurent
Taine Hippolyte
Tait William
Talaeus Audomarus
Talbot Catherine
Talfourd Thomas Noon
Tannahill Robert
Tansillo Luigi
Targioni-Tozzetti Giovanni
Tasker William
Tasman Abel Jansen
Tasman Abel Janszoon
Tasso Bernando
Tasso Toquato
Tasso Torquato
Tasso [Torquato]
Tatham John
Tawney R. H.
Tayler (eds) Alistair and Henrietta
Taylor Anne
Taylor Harriet
Taylor Henry
Taylor Isaac
Taylor Jane
Taylor Jeremy
Taylor John
Taylor Samuel
Taylor Silas
Taylor William
Taylor Coleridge Samuel
Tegner Esaias
Tegrimi Niccolo
Tempest Marie
Temple Ann
Temple Sir William
Temple William
Tenant William
Tenison Edward
Tennant William
Tenneman W.G.
Tennemann Wilhelm Gottlieb
Tennyson Alfred, Lord
Tennyson Alfred
Tennyson Alfred Lord
Tennyson Alfred, Lord
Tennyson Charles
Tennyson Lord Alfred
Tennyson (family members)
Terot Charles Hughes
Tesauro Emanuel
Tetens Johann Nicolaus
Textor Johannes Ravisius
Thackeray Anne Isabella
Thackeray Miss
Thackeray W.M.
Thackeray Wililam Makepeace
Thackeray William
Thackeray William Makepeace
Thackeray Ritchie Anne Isabella
Thackery William
Thayer William M.
the Younger Pliny
Theti Carlo
Thevenot Jean de
Thicknesse Philip
Thiebault D.
Thiers Louis-Adolphe
Thirkell Angela
Thomas D.V.
Thomas Edward
Thomas H.
Thomas Robert
Thomas of Reading
Thompson Alice
Thompson Benjamin
Thompson David
Thompson Dora Olive
Thompson Dorothy
Thompson Ernest Seton
Thompson Francis
Thompson James
Thompson (trans.) Benjamin
Thompson [trans.] Benjamin
Thomson ?James
Thomson Anthony Todd
Thomson J.
Thomson James
Thomson Thomas
Thomson W
Thomson William
Thoreau Henry David
Thorndike (ed.) Ashley
Thorndyke Russell
Thorne Guy
Thornton Bonnell
Thou Jacques-Auguste de
Thoyras Rapin de
Thrale Hester Lynch
Thurlow Lord
Tibullus Albius
Tickell Richard
Ticknor George
Tieck Johann Ludwig
Tiele Cornelis Petrus
Tighe H. U.
Tighe Maria
Tighe Mary
Tilley Cecilia
Tilley Cecilia Frances
Tillotson John
Tinayre Marcelle
Tindal William
Tiraboschi Girolamo
Tirebuck William Edwards
Toland John
Tolstoy Leo
Tomkins John
Tomlinson Charles
Tomlinson H.M.
Tomlinson H.|Henry] M.[Major]
Tomlinson Henry Major
Tomlinson Rev Lewis
Tonna Charlotte Elizabeth
Tooke John Horne
Torr Cecil
Torrens [Sir] Henry
Tottie Dr
Touchet, Lord Audley, third earl of Castlehaven James
Tourneur Cyril
Townley James
Townsend Richard Edwin Austin
Townsend Warner Sylvia
Townson Robert
Toynbee Arnold
Traditional Ballad
Trant Thomas Abercromby
Travers Graham
Trelawney Edward John
Trench Richard Chenevix
Tresham Henry
Trevelyan G. M.
Trevelyan George Macaulay
Trevelyan George Otto
Trevelyan Robert
Trevelyan Sir George Otto
Trevor Sir John
Trice T
Trimmer Mrs
Trimmer Sarah
Trimmer W
Trine Ralph Waldo
Trollope Anthony
Trollope Frances
Trollope Frances Milton
Trollope T.A.
Trotter J.B.
Trublet abbe
Tuck Samuel
Tucker [attrib.] St. George
Tuckey James Hingston
Tudor H.
Tuke Sir Samuel
Tully Richard
Tupling John
Turgenev Ivan
Turgenev Ivan Sergeevich
Turgenev Ivan Sergevich
Turgenev Ivan Sergeyevich
Turner Charles Tennyson
Turner Sharon
Turner William
Tusser Thomas
Twain Mark
Tweddell John
Twiss Horace
Twiss Richard
Twyford Hugh
Tylney Emery
Tyndall John
Tyrrell George
Tyrwhitt (ed.) Thomas
Tytler Ann Fraser
Tytler Patrick Fraser
Tytler Peter

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