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Francis Gladwin


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Francis Gladwin : Dissertations on the rhetoric, prosody and rhyme of the Persians. By Francis Gladwin

[Marginalia]: copious marginal pencil annotations and text marks, some now fading to the point of illegibility. Contents are mainly comments on, or corrections to, the text, including detailed points of grammar e.g. Text = "It is a general rule that the Ghazel do not contain more than twelve distiche; * although some poets formerly made Ghazels of greater length", ms note = "or less than five"; p. 6 Text = "Mo-sum-mut", ms note = "Moosullis"; p. 70 Text = "This [mark] is a conjunction [underlined] occurring in the middle of an hemistich, * when it receives the accent of the preceding letter", [whole clause is underlined], ms note = "In summary it is removed & its accent is given to the preceding letter"; the note on p.19 is in Persian.

Century: 1800-1849     Reader/Listener/Group: John Drummond Erskine      Print: Book


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