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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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Jack London


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Jack London : 

The parents of playwright Arnold Wesker were both immigrants, tailor's machinists, Communists and culturally Jewish atheists. Wesker admitted he was "a very bad student", but his parents provided an envionment of "constant ideological discussion at home, argument and disputation all the time... it was the common currency of day-to-day living that ideas were discussed around the table, and it was taken for granted that there were books in the house and that we would read". The books mostly had a leftward slant (Tolstoy, Gorky, Jack London, Sinclair Lewis) but Wesker soon reached out to Balzac, Maupassant and a broader range of literature'.

Century: 1900-1945     Reader/Listener/Group: Arnold Wesker      Print: Book


Jack London : The Iron Heel

'[Jack Ashley] was less prepared for Ruskin [College] than most of the students, having read only two books since leaving school: Jack London's The Iron Heel and the regulations of the Widnes Town Council. But principal Lionel Elvin "appreciated the profound dificulties facing working class students": "When I stumbled through the intricacies of the political theories of Marx, Hobbes, Rousseau, Locke and T.H. Green, he marked my work frankly yet gave encouragement... He was an excellent teacher, genuinely interested in discussing ideas and persuading students to express their own"

Century: 1900-1945     Reader/Listener/Group: Jack Ashley      Print: Book


Jack London : The Call of the Wild

'D[inner] Stew, potatoes, rice. Read "The Call of the Wild". Dozed.'

Century: 1900-1945     Reader/Listener/Group: John Frederick William Dunn      Print: Book


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