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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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John Sinclair


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Sir John Sinclair : The Code of Agriculture

'Snow and rain all day. Read Pegge on the English language, Sir J. Sinclair's Code of Agriculture, proceeded with notes on Bede. Mr Cline in his paper on breeding is quite decided that [...] but Mr Colling [...] is not of thatopinion. [NB Henry Cline - on the form of animals]'

Century: 1800-1849     Reader/Listener/Group: Benjamin Newton      Print: Book


John Sinclair : Observations on the Scottish dialect. By John Sinclair

[Marginalia]: ms annotations in pencil on several pages eg: p. 47 at foot of page 'The English usually divide the Days into two parts only Morning and Evening - the Scotch divide it into four parts Morning, Forenoon, Afternoon, & Evening'; p. 28 at foot of page 'What like is such a Thing? What appearance has such a thing?'; p.25 at foot of page 'Almost nothing. Hardly anything Ex: His house was burnt down & almost nothing [underlined] was saved & hardly anything [underlined] was saved'.

Century: 1700-1799 / 1800-1849     Reader/Listener/Group: John Drummond Erskine      Print: Book


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