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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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John Skelton


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John Skelton : unknown

'Two days after being elected to his fellowship at Trinity Hall, Harvey [...] received from [Spenser] the copy of "Howleglas" now in the Bodleian, in which he wrote the following note, now partly obliterated: '"This Howletglasse, with Skoggin, Skelton, and L[a]zarillo, giuen me at London, of Mr. Spensar xx Decembris [15]78 on condition [that I] shoold bestowe ye reading of them oue[r] before ye first of January [imme]diatly ensuing: otherwise to forfeit unto him my Lucian jn fower uolumes. Whereupon I was ye rather jnduced to trifle away so many howers, as were jdely ouerpassed in running thorowgh ye [foresai]d foolish bookes: wherein methoug[ht] not all fower togither seemed comparable for s[utt]le and crafty feates with Jon Miller, whose witty shiftes, & practises ar reported amongst Skeltons Tales.'

Century: 1500-1599     Reader/Listener/Group: Gabriel Harvey      Print: Book


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