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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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Soulary : unknown

'Do you know Soulary and Sully-Prudhomme? Such birds, both of them: Soulary a really consummate artist, More akin to Rosetti than anyone else in English: Sully-Prudhomme , [italics] a good man[end italics] and a very pretty poet, somewhat after the fashion of Longfellow, with plaintive passages that haunt one?s mind and sentiments that one can share.I clapped my hands, when I found the reign of scarlet corruption at an end, and a new generation arisen that did not remember Gautier. Here are men whom everything interests; men with red blood (not quintessential absinthe and vitriol), and a strong social passion in them. I am so anxious to write about them. I offered Appleton a series of papers on the modern French school − the Parnassiens, I think they call them − de Banville, Coppee Grammont) I think that?s his name), Soulary and Sully-Prudhomme. But he has not deigned to answer my letter − God?s blood if I had my hand on his weasel!'

Century: 1850-1899     Reader/Listener/Group: Robert Louis Stevenson      Print: Unknown


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