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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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William Tindal : The History and Antiquities of the Abbey and Borough of Evesham


Century: 1700-1799 / 1800-1849     Reader/Listener/Group: Samuel Taylor Coleridge      Print: Book


Tindal : 

"Deist" and "heathen" authors studied by the young Frances Power Cobbe: "Gibbon, Hume, Tindal, Collins, and Voltaire ... Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Epictetus, Plutarch's Moralia, Xenophon's Memorabilia, and a little Plato."

Century: 1800-1849     Reader/Listener/Group: Frances Power Cobbe      Print: Book


Tindall : unknown

?After having read the great champions for Christianity, I next read the works of Lord Hesbert, Tindal, Chubb, Morgan, Collins, Woolston, Annet, Mandeville, Shaftesbury, Bolingbroke, Williams, Voltaire, and many other Free-thinkers.?

Century: 1700-1799     Reader/Listener/Group: James Lackington      Print: Book


Elizabeth Martindale  : Margaret Hever

'I'm sorry I kept the MS so long.[...] However I've read it more than once; the difficulty was to say something useful.[...] I do not want to deface the pages tho' I have meditated them.[...] The passages I have written on loose sheets embody my criticism which is concerned solely with the technique.' Hence follow five lines of constructive criticism.

Century: 1900-1945     Reader/Listener/Group: Joseph Conrad      Manuscript: Unknown


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