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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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August von Kotzebue


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August Friedrich Ferdinand von Kotzebue : Unknown

'At present, I am reading a stupid play of Kotzebue's - but to-night I am to have the history of Frederick the Great from Irving. I will make an affu' struggle to read a good deal of it & of the Italian in Summer - when at home.'

Century: 1800-1849     Reader/Listener/Group: Thomas Carlyle      Print: Book


August von Kotzebue : Lovers' Vows

Mary Berry to a friend, 19 November 1798: 'Don't let me forget to advise you to to read the "Natural Son," or "Lovers' Vows;" it is the entire and literal translation of the play which is now acting with such success at Covent Garden, but [italics]not[end italics] as it is acted; you can get it at Todd's [bookseller's], where I did, to read in the chaise. I think it quite charming, and it affected me much [...] You must allow for German manners and for the (at all times) sad disguise of a translation.'

Century: 1700-1799     Reader/Listener/Group: Mary Berry      Print: Book


August Friedrich Ferdinand von Kotzebue : Possen, die Zeit beachtend, bey Gelegenheit des Ruckzungs der Franzosen. Seitenstuck zum Flussgott Nieman

'Wednesday May 16th. [...] Begin Seitenstuck zum Flussgitt Niemen von Kotzebue. [...] 'Sunday May 20th. [...] Finish Possen von [...] Kotzebue.'

Century: 1800-1849     Reader/Listener/Group: Claire Clairmont      Print: Book


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