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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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H. Miss
Haden [Mr]
Haggard Henry Rider
Hailes David Dalrymple, lord
Hale White William
Halkerston Agnes
Halkerston Jo.
Hall Edith
Hallam Arthur
Hallam Henry
Hallam Mr
Halley Edmond
Hamilton Charles
Hamilton Cicely
Hamilton Elizabeth
Hamilton Frances
Hamilton Janet
Hamilton Katherine
Hamilton Mary
Hamilton Sir William
Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood Frederick
Hammerton Sir John
Hammill Cicely
Hammond Anthony
Hankey Donald William Alers
Hanley James
Hardie James Keir
Harding Arthur
Harding Richard Reginald
Hardwicke Philip Yorke, 1st Earl of
Hardy Florence
Hardy G. H.
Hardy Thomas
Hare Julius
Hare Mr
Hargrave Francis
Harington Henry
Harper James Walker
Harris John
Harris Mr
Harris William
Harris William [?]
Harrison Frederic
Harrison Frederick
Harrison James
Harrison Jane Ellen
Harrison Lucy
Harrison Mary St Leger
Harrop Edward Davy
Hart Sir Robert
Harvey Gabriel
Harwood Anna
Haskoll Lydia
Haslemere John
Hastie John
Hastings Warren
Hatfeild Martha
Hatton Mary Ann
Hatton William
Havergal Frances Ridley
Hawkesford Boen
Hawkins Florence
Hawkins John L.
Hawkins John Luther
Haworth Euphrasia Fanny
Haydon Benjamin Robert
Haydon Mary Mordwinoff
Hayward Mary
Hayward Miss
Head Francis
Head Sir Francis
Head Sir Francis B.
Headmistress of Casterton School
Heath Olive
Heath William
Heaton Ellen
Heaton John
Heaton William
Heber ?Richard
Heber Reginald
Heber Richard
Heelas J.
Heelas Joyce
Heelas R.
Heelas Sybil
Helps Sir Arthur
Hemans Felicia
Hemming Agnes Blanche
Henderson Ian
Henley Lord
Henson Herbert Hensley
Herbert B.A.T.
Herries Isabella
Herriot David
Herriot James
Herschel Sir John
Hertford Lady
Hervey Mary Lepel
Hewart Gordon
Hewer Will
Hewer William
Heylin John
Heylin Mrs
Heywood Abel
Hibbert Mr
Hicks Aubrey
Hickson William Edward
Highmore Miss
Highmore Susanna
Hill Aaron
Hill Octavia
Hills John Waller
Hillyer Richard
Hinchcliffe John
Hirst Thomas
Hitchcock Alfred
Hitchman Janet
Hobhouse John Cam
Hoby Margaret
Hoby Thomas
Hocker James
Hodge Herbert
Hofland Barbara
Hogg James
Hogg Thomas Jefferson
Holcroft Thomas
Holland Henry Vassal Fox, Lord
Holland Lady
Holland Lord
Holland Mary
Hollingsworth Mr
Holmes Edward
Holmes Harriet
Holmes Jr. Oliver Wendell
Holmman Thomas
Holroyd Louisa, Lady
Holroyd Maria Josepha
Holt William
Holtby Winifred
Home Walter
Hook Dr
Hook T. W.
Hooke Robert
Hoole John
Hope Mr
Hope Ralph
Hopkinson Tom
Horne Richard Hengist
Horne Tooke John
Horner Francis
Horseman John
Housman A. E.
Housman Alfred Edward
Housman Edward
Housman Lucy
Howard George
Howard Josiah
Howe Robert
Howe The Honourable Caroline
Howell George
Howitt Alfred
Howitt Mary
Howitt Miss
Howley Sarah
Hudson W. H.
Hudson William
Hudson William Henry
Huggins Elizabeth Edith
Hughes Emrys Daniel
Hughes M.V,
Hughes Mary Vivian (Molly)
Hughes Mrs
Hughes N.
Hunt James Henry Leigh
Hunt James Leigh
Hunt Leigh
Hunter George Barrett
Hunter Joseph
Hunter Mary
Hurd Richard
Husband Thomas
Hutchinson Lucy
Hutchinson Mary
Hutchinson Sara
Hutton Catherine
Huxley Thomas Henry

Browse by Reader

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