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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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L. Mr
Lackington James
Lackington James and Mary
Lady Bradshaigh
Lady Bradshaigh Dorothy
Lady Byron Anne Isabella
Lady Noel Byron Anne Isabella
Lakeman Mary
Lamb Charles
Lamb F.
Lamb George
Lamb Lady Caroline
Lamb The Hon. George
Lamb The Hon. William
Lamb William
Lamb (nee Ponsonby) Lady Caroline
Lamberton-Becker May
Landor Walter Savage
Lang Andrew
Langham Sir J.
Langham Sir James
Langton Bennet
Langton Mr
Lansdowne Lady
Lansdowne Lord
Larkin Philip
Larkin Sydney
Larpent Anna
Larpent John
Larpent stepson of Anna
Laszowska Emily
Lauder Harry
Law Edmund
Law Miss
Lawes Anna Maria
Lawes Mary
Lawrence Dr
Lawson H. B.
Lawson Jack
Lax William
Layard Enid
Layton Mrs
Leadbeter Mary
Lee Jennie
Lee Rev Francis
Lee Vernon
Leeming John
Lees-Milne James
Lefroy Anna
Lefroy Benjamin
Lefroy [Mrs]
Lehmann Rosamond
Lehmann Rudolph
Leigh Anne
Leigh Augusta
Leigh Samuel
Leigh Austen Cassandra
Leigh Perrot [Mrs]
Leigh Perrot [Mr]
Leigh-Perrot [Mrs]
Leigh-Perrot [Mr]
Lench John
Lennox Emilia, Lady
Leveson Gower Granville
Leveson Gower Lady Georgiana
Leveson-Gower Elizabeth Georgiana
Levy Jonas
Lewes George Henry
Lewes Charles
Lewes George Henry
Lewis Chaim
Lewis G. C.
Lewis James
Lewis M. G.
Lewis Matthew
Lewis Matthew Gregory
Lias J. J.
Liddell Robert Daniel
Lincoln Edward
Lincoln Robert
Lindsay Lady Charlotte
Lister Anne
Lister Samuel
Litchfield Henrietta
Litchfield Richard
Little Edward
Littlewood Martin Wentworth
Llewelyn Davies Margaret Caroline
Lloyd Edward
LLoyd Margaret L.
Lloyd Martha
Lloyd Peter
Locke James
Locker-Lampson Frederick
Lockhart John Gibson
Longfellow Henry Wadsworth
Longford Christine
Longworth-Dames Francis Robert
Lonsdale Lord
Lord Arran
Lord Bryce
Lord Byron George Gordon
Lord Grenville William Wyndham
Lorrington Meribah
Losh James
Lovell Edward
Lovett William
Lowe Roger
Lowery Robert
Lushington Edmund
Lutton Anne
Luttrell Mr
Luxmoore [probably] Charles Scott
Lygon, seventh Earl Beauchamp William
Lynch Cotton G.E.
Lynch Piozzi Hester
Lyndhurst Lord
Lysons Mr
Lyttelton Elizabeth
Lyttelton Katherine
Lyttelton Lucy
Lyttleton Sir George

Browse by Reader

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