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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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Macaulay George
Macaulay Grace
Macaulay Hannah
Macaulay Lord
Macaulay Rose
Macaulay Thomas Babbington
Macaulay Thomas Babington
Macbean Mr
MacCarthy Desmond
MacCarthy Molly
Mackay MacIntosh
Mackay Robert Lindsay
Mackenzie Henry
Mackie Adam
Mackintosh James
Mackintosh Sir James
Maclaurin Mr
MacManus Seamus
Macneil Hector
Macneill Alexander
Macpherson Robert
Macready W.C.
Macready William Charles
Macrone John
Maddox John Owen
Madox Ford Ford
Mahon Lord
Maingay [?] Margaret
Maingay [probably] Margaret
Malcolm Sir J.
Mannin Ethel
Mansfield James
Mansfield Katherine
Mansfield William Murray, First Earl
Marcus Moses
Market T
Markham Major
Markham Violet
Marlow Elizabeth
Marriage Elizabeth
Marriage Miss
Marsh Elizabeth
Marsh John
Marsh Mrs
Marshall David
Marshall Elizabeth
Marshall Mary Paley
Marshall Mrs
Marston Mrs
Martin Albert John
Martin Betty
Martin Ellen
Martin George
Martin John
Martin Theodore
Martindale Louisa
Martineau Elizabeth
Martineau Harriet
Martineau James
Masefield John
Massey Gerald
Massingberd Mildred
Masters William
Mathew Lady
Mathias James
Matthews W.
Mattison Alf
Maturin Charles
Maturin Charles Robert
Maude Mr
Maugham Somerset
Maugham William Somerset
Maurice Rev. F. D.
Mayett Joseph
Maynard Constance
Maynard Henry
Mayo Dr
Mays Spike
McCarty William
McColl Ewan
McCrea Michael
McGill Patrick
McKenrott Anthony
McMullen Catherine
McShane Harry
McSwiney Daniel
Medwin Thomas
Melbourne Lady
Mellersh Harold Edward Leslie
member of XII Book Club
Mennes [or Minnes] Sir John
Merivale Charles
Methuen Marshall Algernon
Mew Caroline Frances Anne
Mew Charlotte
Meynell Wilfrid
Meyrick Mrs
Middleton Murry J.
Milbanke Anne Isabella
Milbanke Anne Isabella (Annabella)
Milbanke Ralph
Miles Mrs
Mill John Stuart
Miller Hugh
Miller Philip
Mills A.J.
Mills Robert
Milman Dr
Milne Alan Alexander
Milner Lord Alfred
Milnes R. Monckton
Milnes Richard Monckton
Mims John
Minnes Sir John
Mitchel John
Mitchell Hannah
Mitchell Robert
Mitchell Susan
Mitford J.
Mitford Mary Russell
Moir David Macbeth
Molesworth William
Monboddo James Burnett, Lord
Moncrieff Colonel
Mondy M. C.
Monk John
Monkhouse Thomas
Monro Alexander
Montagu Algernon
Montagu Elizabeth
Montagu Lady Mary Wortley
Montagu Mary Wortley
Montefiore Dora
Montgomery Bernard Law
Montgomery James
Montgomery Lucy Maud
Moody Miss
Moore George
Moore Gerald
Moore Harriet
Moore Henry
Moore Lesley Edna
Moore Roger
Moore Thomas
Moore Winifred Agnes
Mordecai Elias
More Hannah
More Henry
Moreland William
Morland Adelaide
Morland Harold J.
Morley Countess of
Morley Mr
Morley [Countess]
Morpeth G. W. F. Howard, Lord
Morrell Lady Ottoline
Morrell Ottoline
Morrell Philip
Morris Eliza
Morris William
Morrison Mr
Morritt John B. S.
Mortimer William
Mosley Diana
Moulton-Barrett Arabella
Moulton-Barrett Edward
Moulton-Barrett George Goodin
Moulton-Barrett Henrietta
Moulton-Barrett Mary
Moulton-Barrett Septimus
Moulton-Barrett sr Edward
Moxey Richard John
Muir Edwin
Mulso Hester
Murden [Miss]
Murphy Mr
Murray Benjamin
Murray Florence
Murray James
Murray John
Musgrave Dr

Browse by Reader

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