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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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Wainwright Anne
Wainwright John, Baron
Waldron Laurence A
Wall Percy
Wallace Alfred Russel
Waller Thomas
Wallis Constance
Wallis Henry Marriage
Wallis M.A.
Wallis Miss
Wallis Rosamund
Wallis Violet
Walmsley Gilbert
Walpole Horace
Walpole Hugh
Walter Elizabeth
Wansey H.
Warburton Dr
Warburton John
Warburton William
Ward Janet Penrose
Ward John
Ward Mary
Ward Mary Augusta
Ward Mr
Ward Mrs Humphrey
Ward Mrs Humphry
Ward The Hon. J. W.
Warr Eliza
Warren Charles B.M.
Waterlow Sydney
Watson George
Watson James
Watson Mrs
Watson William
Watts-Dunton Theodore
Weaver Harriet Shaw
Webb Beatrice
Webb H. B. L.
Webb Harriot
Webb Sidney
Weddell Mrs
Weeton Ellen
Wellesley, first Duke of Wellington Arthur
Wells H. G.
Wemyss Francis
Werner Bill
Wesker Arnold
West Harry
West Rebecca
Westbrook Harriet
Westcott Brooke Foss
Westwood Thomas
Wharton Margaret
Wheeler Anna Doyle
Whewell William
Whishaw Mr
White Antonia
White Florence
White Robert
White T. H.
Whitehead William
Whitewood Anthony
Whitlock Edwin
Whitman Walt
Wiffin John
Wignall Henry
Wilbraham Anna
Wilbraham Elizabeth
Wilbraham [Miss]
Wild R.L.
Wilde Oscar
Wilde Speranza
Wildman Mr
Wilkes John
Willet Deborah
Williams Edward
Williams James
Williams Mrs
Williams William
Williamson Henry William
Williamson John
Willis Frederick
Willis N.P.
Wilson Elizabeth
Wilson Erasmus
Wilson Francis
Wilson John
Wilson Walter
Wilson Willie
Windham William
Winn (Mrs)
Winter John (Jack)
Winwright D
Wise Mr
Wishaw Mr
Wolfe General James
Wolfe James
Wollstonecraft Mary
Wood Stuart
Wood Thomas
Wood [pseud?] Stuart
Woodhouselee Alexander Fraser Tytler, Lord
Woodward Kathleen
Woolf Edgar
Woolf Leonard
Woolf Marie
Woolf Virginia
Woolley Hannah
Wordsworth Christopher
Wordsworth Dorothy
Wordsworth Elizabeth
Wordsworth John
Wordsworth Jonathan
Wordsworth Mary
Wordsworth William
Wordsworth Willy
Worsdale James
Wortley Montagu Lady Mary
Wortley Montagu Mary, Lady
Wotton Henry
Wrangham Francis
Wren Matthew
Wright Maurice B.
Wright Richard
Wright Robert
Wright Thomas
Wroughton [Mrs]
Wyn John
Wynne Agathe
Wynne Elizabeth (Betsey)
Wynne Eugenia
Wynne Harriet
Wynne Justina

Browse by Reader

A / B / C / D / E / F / G / H / I / J / K / L / M / N / O / P / Q / R / S / T / U / V / W / X / Y / Z

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