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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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Mr Dilly


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Hannah Glass : Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy

'DILLY. "Mrs. Glasse's "Cookery", which is the best, was written by Dr. Hill. Half the trade know this.' JOHNSON. "Well, Sir. This shews how much better the subject of cookery may be treated by a philosopher. I doubt if the book be written by Dr. Hill; for, in Mrs. Glasse's "Cookery", which I have looked into, salt-petre and sal-prunella are spoken of as different substances, whereas sal-prunella is only salt-petre burnt on charcoal; and Hill could not be ignorant of this. However, as the greatest part of such a book is made by transcription, this mistake may have been carelessly adopted. But you shall see what a Book of Cookery I shall make! I shall agree with Mr. Dilly for the copy-right". Miss SEWARD. "That would be Hercules with the distaff indeed". JOHNSON. "No, Madam. Women can spin very well; but they cannot make a good book of Cookery".'

Century: 1700-1799     Reader/Listener/Group: Mr Dilly      Print: Book


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