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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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Joseph Fry


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[n/a] : Bible (Psalms)

'After breakfast, I believed it better to propose reading in the Bible, but I felt doing it, particularly as my brother William was here; not liking the appearance of young people, like us, appearing to profess more than they who had lived here before us. However, I put off and put off till both William and Joseph went down; I then felt uneasy under it, and when Joseph came back, I told him, as I did before, what I wished; he at last sat down, having told George Dilwyn my desire. I began to read the 46th Psalm, but was so overcome that I could hardly read, and gave it to Joseph to finish.'

Century: 1800-1849     Reader/Listener/Group: Joseph Fry      Print: Book


[n/a] : Bible

'I rather felt this morning it would have been right for me to read the Bible again, and stop George Dilwyn and Joseph reading something else. Now stopping G.D. was a difficult thing; for a person like me to remind him! however, I did not fully do as I thought right, for I did not openly tell G.D. we were going to read, but spoke to my husband, so as for him to hear; then he read, I knowing I had not done my best'

Century: 1800-1849     Reader/Listener/Group: Joseph Fry      Print: Book


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