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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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 : Liber Philosophorum Moralium Antiquorum

Susan Schibanoff, "Taking the Gold out of Egypt: The Art of Reading as a Woman": "In 1473, Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers, came across a French version of the Liber Philosophorum Moralium Antiquorum and decided to translate it into English for the edification of his royal charge, the Prince of Wales. When he completed his edited version, entitled The Dictes and Sayengs of the Philosophers, Rivers asked ... William Caxton for a a professional opinion of his work."

Century: 1450-1499     Reader/Listener/Group: Anthony Woodville Earl Rivers      


Michel de Montaigne : Essays

"In 1617 the Countess [of Dorset, Pembroke, and Montgomery] noted recreational books that she was reading: "'Began to have Mr. Sandy's book read to me about the Government of the Turks. "'Rivers used to read to me in Montaigne's Plays [Essays] and Moll Neville in the Fairy Queen. "'I sat and read much in the Turkish History and Chaucer. "'The 12th and 13th I spent most of the time in playing Glecko and hearing Moll Neville read the Arcadia.'"

Century: 1600-1699     Reader/Listener/Group:      Print: Book


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