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RED was launched in 1996 at the UK Open University. Its mission is to accumulate as much data as possible about the reading experiences of readers of all nationalities in Britain and those of British subjects abroad from 1450 to 1945.

RED currently contains more than 25,000 records. More entries are contributed and released regularly and thus return visits to the database should yield new results each time. If you have a query about any entry contained in the database, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you.


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Follow this link to browse the contents of the Reading Experience Database by the name of the author of the text being read, or by the name of the reader.


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Follow this link to search the contents of the Reading Experience Database. We have launched the first version of our search engine, containing a limited number of search options to allow a wide range of searches.


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We would like you to contribute information to the database and help us to make this resource usefully and fully searchable by providing details of whatever evidence you have of a relevant Reading Experience. Follow this link to our online form.


About RED

Our project website is updated regularly and contains information on the aims and progress of this project, forthcoming events relevant to the history of reading and recent publications. It also contains information about what a 'reading experience' is and on how to contribute to the RED project.


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Copyright of the Reading Experience Database (RED) and in the structure and design of the database belongs to the Open University (UK). Access is provided solely for the purposes of research, teaching, private study, and general interest. Prior written permission is required for any alteration or redistribution of the database, or a substantial portion thereof in any form, including electronic; prior written permission is also required for any commercial exploitation of the database’s contents. Proper acknowledgement should be made when citing or quoting materials: for full details about citing material contained in the Reading Experience Database, see the guidelines provided on the record display.

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