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I have been reading in my Boat?Virgil, Juvenal, and Wesley?s Journal. Do you know the last? one of the most interesti...Edward Fitzgerald Horace WalpoleLettersPrint: Book
1800-1849Byron to John Murray, 20 January 1813; 'In "Horace in London" I perceive some stanzas on Ld. E[lgin] - in which ... I ...George Gordon Lord Byron James and Horace SmithHorace in London; consisting of Imitations of the First Two Books of the Odes of HoracePrint: Book
1800-1849Letter W 38 - Chamouni, 3/10/1863 - "I can't make out the run of some coal slates of the Col de Balme at their junctio...John Ruskin Horace Benedict de SaussureVoyages dans les AlpesPrint: Book
1700-1799' ... [The Mysterious Mother (1768)] was read aloud by Mr Smelt and Frances Burney in November 1786. Burney was horri...Frances Burney and Leonard SmeltHorace WalpoleThe Mysterious MotherPrint: Book
1850-1899"As ... [Hannah Mitchell's] love of books became known locally: 'I made free of such libraries as the neighbours posse...Hannah Mitchell Horace WalpoleThe Castle of Otranto: A Gothic StoryPrint: Book
1850-1899'If you like it try the "Castle of Otranto" by Horace Walpole. That is the best stilted romance style I know. "Well ...Sir Walter Raleigh Horace WalpoleCastle of OtrantoPrint: Book
1800-1849'I have no enthusiasm-cui bono? I always ask myself. It would be irksome, & impossible, in this state of my sheet, to...Thomas Carlyle Horace Benedict SaussureVoyage dans les AlpesPrint: Book
1800-1849'In conformity with ancient custom, I ought now to transmit you some account of my studies- But I have too much consci...Thomas Carlyle Horace Benedict SaussureVoyages dans les AlpesPrint: Book
1850-1899[editor's narrative] 'A visit to Dresden was richly rewarded by the acquisition of six valuable fans to add to Lady Ch...Lady Charlotte Schreiber Horace WalpoleunknownPrint: Book
1700-1799'Mr Brand' to Mary Berry, January 1798: 'Lady Ossory, to alleviate my confinement with a very bad cold, has treated me...Mr Brand Horace Walpole, Lord OrfordLetters to Lady OssoryManuscript: Unknown
1800-1849'I have held off reading Walpole's Correspondences till now. I am in the former series to Mann. At first, I was agreea...Harriet Martineau Horace Walpole (ed. Richard Bentley)Letters of Horace Walpole, 4th Earl of Orford, to Sir Horace MannPrint: Book
1700-1799Mary Berry, Journal, 27 April 1791: 'Florence. -- Went to see the Laurentian Medicean Library [...] The librarian, a v...Mary Berry Horace WorksManuscript: Unknown
1800-1849Harriet Martineau on school life: 'We learned Latin from the old Eton grammar [...] Cicero, Virgil, and a little Horac...Pupils at Mr Perry's schoolHorace Print: Book
1850-1899'As my love of books became known, I was made free of such libraries as the neighbours possessed which led to me readi...Hannah Mitchell Horace WalpoleThe Castle of OntrantoPrint: Book
1700-1799'Within these few days I could not have a book from the library because Mr E. had lent the "Castle of Otranto" to Miss...Joseph Hunter Horace WalpoleThe Castle of OtrantoPrint: Book
1800-1849'Read Stanleys Life of Arneld, Twiss Life of Ld Eldon'.Sydney Smith Horace TwissLife of Lord Chancellor EldonPrint: Book
1800-1849'I think I have already mentioned to you the Life of Ld Eldon by Horace Twiss. It is not badly done, and I think it wo...Sydney Smith Horace TwissLife of Lord Chancellor EldonPrint: Book
1700-1799'Read the "Castle of Otranto", which grievously disappointed my expectations...'Thomas Green Horace WalpoleThe Castle of OtrantoPrint: Book
1700-1799'Read Sir Horace Walpole's "Mysterious Mother". There is a gusto of antiquity...'Thomas Green Horace WalpoleThe Mysterious MotherPrint: Book
1700-1799'Read Horace Walpole's "Historic Doubts on the Life and Reign of Richard the 3d."--doubts, which he has in some measur...Thomas Green Horace WalpoleHistoric doubts on the life and reign of King Richard the thirdPrint: Book
1700-1799'Looked over Horace Walpole's "Fugitive Pieces"...'Thomas Green Horace WalpoleWorksPrint: Book
1800-1849'Read, if you have not read, all Horace Walpole's letters, wherever you can find them; - the best wit ever published i...Sydney Smith Horace Walpole[Letters]Print: Book
1800-1849'I have read since last October a good deal of the history relating to the East...: not much of books not connected wi...Mountstuart Elphinstone Horace Walpole[Works]Print: Book
1800-1849'Teusday [sic] August 8th. Ill all day. I dream I see a ghost [this sentence inserted above line]. Bathe. Read C...Claire Clairmont Horace WalpoleThe Castle of OtrantoPrint: Book
1800-1849Elizabeth Barrett to James Martin, 10 December 1844: 'I am glad I have so much interesting matter to look forward t...Elizabeth Barrett Horace TwissThe Public and Private Life of Lord Chancellor Eldon, with Selections from His Correspondence (vol. 1)Print: Book
1800-1849'[in a letter from Bury's correspondent [-]] I believe I told you I had been reading Horace Walpole's Letters over aga...Horace WalpoleLettersPrint: Book
1800-1849'Affectation is never more tiresome and ridiculous than in a letter. Madame de Sevigne was the best letter-writer that...Mr Sharpe Horace WalpoleLettersPrint: Book
1800-1849'I have a present of the poetical Register no 7 as a testimony of respect & therein I find [italics] Horace in London ...George Crabbe Horace SmithHorace in LondonPrint: Serial / periodical
1800-1849'I have a present of the poetical Register no 7 as a testimony of respect & therein I find [italics] Horace in London ...George Crabbe Horace SmithRejected AddressesPrint: Unknown
1800-1849'How are you supplied with Books; I have some from Bath, but I begin to be weary of toil & Humour. yet Mr Reynolds was...George Crabbe Horace SmithGaieties and Gravities; A Series of Sketches, Comic Tales, and Fugitive VagariesPrint: Book
1900-1945Leonard Woolf to Robert Trevelyan, 8 January 1941: 'I want to say how much we enjoyed your Epistle. In these days o...Leonard Woolf Horace SatiresPrint: Book
1900-1945Passages transcribed into E. M. Forster's Commonplace Book (1929) include section from Horace Walpole's letter of 13 N...Edward Morgan Forster Horace WalpoleLetter to George Montagu, 13 November 1760Print: Book
1800-1849'My father said that he [...] received a good but not a regular classical education. At any rate he became an accurate...Alfred Tennyson Horace Print: Book
1850-1899MS notes and dates of reading include: "Top of Beamerside while electioneering at Melrose, July 6th, 1868"; p.40: "Wey...George Otto Trevelyan Horace Works; ed by MacleanePrint: Book
1800-1849Lord Liverpool to John Wilson Croker, 23 August 1824: 'I am very much obliged to you for the specimen which you hav...Robert Banks Jenkinson, second Earl of Liverpool Horace Walpoleletters to Lord HertfordUnknown
1700-1799Robert Southey to Horace Walpole Bedford, 11 December 1793: 'Let me turn to more chearful subjects. your verses were p...Robert Southey Horace Walpole BedfordMS versesManuscript: Sheet
1700-1799Robert Southey to Horace Walpole Bedford, 7 June 1794: 'In return for your ode to Indolence I know nothing better tha...Robert Southey Horace Walpole BedfordOde to IndolenceManuscript: Sheet
1700-1799Sir Henry Ellis to John Wilson Croker, from the British Museum, 29 October 1829: 'I understand from Mr. Murray that...Samuel Johnson Horace Print: Book
1800-1849'Poetry and shoemaking were part of the daily round [for the young Anne Isabella Milbanke]; a grander ambition was tak...Anne Isabella Milbanke Horace Print: Book
1850-1899'Helped marvellously finding Wedderburn's entry in Vol. 3 of Saussure, and his cloud lightning on Col du Fours before ...John Ruskin Horace-Bénédicte de SaussureVoyage dans les AlpesPrint: Book
1800-1849Harriet, Countess Granville, to her sister Lady Georgiana Morpeth, 12 August 1818: 'Yesterday evening Granville [hu...Duke of Devonshire and Lord and Lady Granville (his brother-in-law and sister)Horace Print: Book
Thursday, 1 March 1827: 'By the bye it is the anniversary of Bosworth field. In former days Richd. IIId. was always...Walter Scott Horace WalpoleHistoric Doubts on Richard IIIPrint: Book
1800-1849John Wilson Croker to John Murray, 7 May 1828: 'I return, having read through, the first volume of "Horace Walpole'...John Wilson Croker Horace Walpole'Letters to Mr Mason' vol 1Print: Book
1850-1899[between journal entries for 30 September and 10 October 1880] 'A visit to Dresden was richly rewarded by the acqui...Charles and Lady Charlotte SchreiberHorace WalpoleWalpolianaPrint: Book
1900-1945'The Club then listened to a variety of readings from modern poets as follows: A Rawlings Extracts from "The Art of...Alfred Rawlings Horace The Art of PoetryPrint: Book
1700-1799[Catherine Talbot to Elizabeth Carter, 17 August 1764:] 'Pray has Mrs M. got one of Mr Walpole's Memoirs of Lord He...Catherine Talbot Horace WalpoleMemoirs of Lord Herbert of CherburyPrint: Book
1700-1799[Elizabeth Carter to Elizabeth Vesey, 18 March 1768:] 'I fancy you were not greatly edified by the study of Mr Walp...Elizabeth Carter Horace Walpole?Royal and Noble AuthorsPrint: Book
1700-1799[Elizabeth Carter to Elizabeth Vesey, 18 March 1768:] 'I fancy you were not greatly edified by the study of Mr Walp...Elizabeth Carter Horace WalpoleThe Castle of OtrantoPrint: Book


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