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Century of ExperienceEvidenceName of Reader / Listener / Reading GroupAuthor of TextTitle of TextForm of Text
1800-1849"Deist" and "heathen" authors studied by the young Frances Power Cobbe: "Gibbon, Hume, Tindal, Collins, and Voltaire ....Frances Power Cobbe Plutarch MoraliaPrint: Book
1800-1849'Thursday Jany 6. [...] Finish reading los Cabellos de Absalon of Calderon. Read the Life of Theseus.'Claire Clairmont Plutarch Life of TheseusPrint: Book
1800-1849'Friday Jany. 7th. [...] Read -- the Auto of La Vida es Sueno de Calderon. Finish the Life of Theseus.'Claire Clairmont Plutarch Life of TheseusPrint: Book
1800-1849'Saturday Jany. 8th. Read the Auto of La Vida es Sueno de Calderon -- Begin the Life of Romulus [...] Work in the Even...Claire Clairmont Plutarch Life of RomulusPrint: Book
1800-1849'Sunday Jany. 9th. Finish the Life of Romulus and half that of Lycurgus.'Claire Clairmont Plutarch Lives of Romulus and LycurgusPrint: Book
1800-1849'Tuesday Jany. 11th. Finish the Life of Lycurgus -- Begin that of Numa'.Claire Clairmont Plutarch Lives of Lycurgus and NumaPrint: Book
1800-1849'Wednesday Jany. 12. [...] Read & finish the Life of Numa -- Begin Solon [makes notes from this reading]'.Claire Clairmont Plutarch Lives of Numa and SolonPrint: Book
1800-1849'Thursday Jany. 13th. Finish the Life of Solon'.Claire Clairmont Plutarch Life of SolonPrint: Book
1800-1849'Friday Jany. 14th. Read the Life of Poplicola -- 'Saturday Jany. 15th. Finish the Life of Poplicola'.Claire Clairmont Plutarch Life of PoplicolaPrint: Book
1800-1849'Sunday Jany. 16th. [...] Read the Life of Themistocles which a beautiful monument to the glory & virtue of the Atheni...Claire Clairmont Plutarch Life of ThemistoclesPrint: Book
1800-1849'Monday Jany. 17th. Read the Life of Camillus -- 'Tuesday Jany. 18th. [...] Finish the Life of Camillus.'Claire Clairmont Plutarch Life of CamillusPrint: Book
1800-1849'Friday Jany. 21st. Begin Life of Pericles.'Claire Clairmont Plutarch Life of PericlesPrint: Book
1700-1799Catherine Talbot to Elizabeth Carter, 15 July 1751: 'I am fallen in love with Plutarch's Morals, a little of which ...Thomas Secker Plutarch MoralsPrint: Book


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