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Century of ExperienceEvidenceName of Reader / Listener / Reading GroupAuthor of TextTitle of TextForm of Text
1800-1849' At 2.30 went out to the library [..]Subscribed for a month [...] Came up to bed at 9.35. Sat up reading the first 79...Anne Lister Mme Marie-Sophie CottinAmelie MansfieldPrint: Book
1800-1849[Letter to Maria Barlow, dated Tuesday Morning, 16 August 1825] ...It is as I have just read from the pen of Madme Cot...Anne Lister Sophie CottinAmelie MansfieldPrint: Book
1800-1849'I read a French novel, "Matilde", which interested me much and is extremely well written - by Mde Cottin'.Elizabeth (Betsey) Fremantle Sophie CottinMathildePrint: Book
1800-1849'What are you reading? I am waiting for an account of "Waverl[e]y" from you. - The principal part of my reading in add...Thomas Carlyle Sophie CottinElisabeth, ou les exiles de SiberiePrint: Book
1800-1849'Read Livy - Claire d'Albe - Gilblas - walk in the gardens - S reads Livy'Mary Shelley Sophie Ristaud CottinClaire d'AlbePrint: Book
1800-1849'We have a little French story in the house, called [underlined] Elizabeth [end underlining], much admired and praised...Anna Wilbraham Marie "Sophie" CottinElisabeth, ou les Exiles de SiberiePrint: Book


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