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1850-1899'The programme of selections from and papers on Kingsley was then proceeded with, C.E. Stansfield reading a paper on K...Charles Stansfield Charles Stansfield[paper on Kingsley as religious leader]Manuscript: Unknown
1850-1899'The programme on the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayham [sic] was as follows. Reading of the poem by Mrs Edminson and Mrs Rawl...Charles Stansfield Charles Stansfield[Paper on Life of Fitzgerald and Omar's Philosophy]Manuscript: Unknown
1850-1899'Mr Edminson then made some interesting remarks on the subject of Shakespeare's [?? illegible] and portraits as an int...Charles Stansfield Charles Stansfield[paper on Shakespeare]Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'Mrs Goadby then sang a song which was followed by a paper by Mr Stansfield on "The Hasty"'.Charles Stansfield Charles Stansfield[Paper delivered to XII Book Club]Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'[Discussion of Ruskin] was followed by a reading by Mrs Ridges from "The Crown of Wild Olive". Mrs Stansfield read a ...Charles Stansfield Charles Stansfield[Paper on Ruskin's Economics] Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'Mr Stansfield read an interesting paper on "Tennyson & his books" & in continuation of the subject readings were give...Charles Stansfield Charles Stansfield[paper on "Tennyson and his Books"]Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'The meeting at Ingleside on May 20th was of a very pleasant character, in that among other reasons it was devoted to ...Charles Stansfield Charles Stansfield[Paper on Charles Lamb]Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'At a meeting held at Grove House on Feb. 17 a discussion on the Soul of a People was opened by a paper by C. E. Stans...Charles Stansfield Charles Stansfield[paper on 'The Soul of a People']Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'C.E. Stansfield read a paper on Ed. Spenser & his times & the Faerie Queene. Readings were given by Mrs Reynolds, Mrs...Charles Stansfield Charles Stansfield[paper on Spenser]Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'The meeting at Ingleside on April 29 1904 was devoted to the life & works of Emerson. Mrs Ridges read a paper on his ...Charles Stansfield Charles Stansfield[paper on Emerson]Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'A meeting was held at Whinfield [?] on Dec 8 1904 devoted to H.G. Wells's Mankind in the Making. Howard R. Smith gave...Charles Stansfield Charles Stansfield[paper on H. G. Wells's 'Mankind in the Making']Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'There was a very full attendance & a lively discussion of the Departmental Committee's Report on Physical Deteriorati...Charles Stansfield Charles Stansfield[Paper responding to Departmental Committee's Report on Physical Deterioration]Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'The programme devoted to Carlyle & his works was then proceeded with but owing to the length of the discussion was no...Charles Stansfield Charles Stansfield[a paper on Carlyle]Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'The programme on G. Bernard Shaw & his work was then entered upon by C.E. Stansfield reading a paper on the man & his...Charles Stansfield Charles Stansfield[essay on Shaw's Life and Works]Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'Chaucer's life & work were then described & illustrated by the following: A Paper on the Life & Times by Charles E. S...Charles Stansfield Charles Stansfield[paper on Chaucer's Life and Times]Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'The evening was then devoted to the consideration of Cervantes - his life & work. C.E. Stansfield read a paper & read...Charles Stansfield Charles Stansfield[paper on Cervantes]Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'The evening was then given up to the consideration of three modern poets. Alfred Noyes. A paper by Mrs Unwin with re...Charles Stansfield Charles Stansfield[paper on Henry Newbolt]Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'Mark Twain A very humorous essay written by C.E. Stansfield & read by R.H. Robson gave us a delightful introduction ...Reginald Robson Charles Stansfield[essay on Twain]Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'The meeting then continued the discussion of H.G. Wells & his religious development. C.E. Stansfield had prepared an ...Charles Stansfield Charles Stansfield[paper on H.G. Wells' religious development]Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'C.E. Stansfield dealt in detail with Goethe's Faust. he showed that Faust started by Goethe at the age of 20 & finish...Charles Stansfield Charles Stansfield[paper on Goethe's 'Faust']]Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'The rest of the evening was devoted to John Bunyan. H.R. Smith read a paper dealing with the main episodes of his lif...Charles Stansfield Charles Stansfield[paper on Bunyan's writing]Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'The subject of the meeting was 'Gardens' & all members were asked to bring contributions [...] The following is a lis...Charles Stansfield Charles Stansfield[essay entitled 'Lost Art of Living - A Gardener's Life']Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'H.R. Smith then gave some account of Lord Byron's Life. Mrs Burrough [sic] read part of Mazzeppa [sic]. C.E Stansfiel...Charles Stansfield Charles Stansfield[essay on Byron]Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'Various anonymous essays by members of the Club were then read with the following titles and at the conclusion of the...members of XII Book ClubCharles StansfieldOne Generation & the next or Jobson on False FreedomManuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'The subject of the evening "Gardens" was then taken. Geo Burrow reminded us that the world began in the garden of Ede...Pattie Stansfield Charles Stansfield[essay on gardening]Manuscript: Unknown

'A Meeting held at 70 Northcourt Avenue 25th September 1929 C. E Stansfield in the chair

Min 1. Minutes o...

Charles E. Stansfield Charles E. Stansfield[essay on a Swiss holiday]Manuscript: Unknown

Meeting held at Reckitt House, Leighton Park: 22.6.32

Reginald H. Robson in the Chair.

1. Minutes o...

Charles E. Stansfield Charles E. Stansfield[a paper on Goethe]Manuscript: Unknown

Meeting held at Fairlight, Denmark Rd.: 21.iii.33

Francis E. Pollard in the Chair.

1. Minutes of l...

Mary Pollard Charles E. Stansfield[Safety First]Manuscript: Unknown

Meeting held at 70 Northcourt Avenue 28/4/1933

C. E. Stansfield in the chair

1 Minutes of l...

Charles E. Stansfield Charles E. Stansfield[an introduction to 'Sumer Is Icumen In']Manuscript: Unknown

Meeting held at Oakdene, Northcourt Av, 20.3.34.

Sylvanus A. Reynolds in the Chair.

1. Minute...

Dorothy Brain Charles E. StansfieldCanariesManuscript: Unknown, Notebook

Meeting held at School House, L.P. :- 28. v. 37.

  C. E. Stanfield in the Chair.

1. Minutes of la...

Charles E. Stansfield Charles E. Stansfield[a biographical sketch of Percy Bysshe Shelley with an estimate of his views and character]Manuscript: Unknown

Meeting held at St. Margaret’s, Shinfield Road: 20. 1. 38.

F. E. Pollard in the chair

1. Minutes...

Charles E. Stansfield Charles E. Stansfield[A detailed biographical sketch of Æ (AE, or George William Russell)]Manuscript: Unknown


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