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Century of ExperienceEvidenceName of Reader / Listener / Reading GroupAuthor of TextTitle of TextForm of Text
1700-1799Went into the park...Back to our dinner at 2. Spent the afternoon walking and sitting, and I read 3 Acts of 'The Cons...Gertrude Savile (Sir) Richard SteeleThe Conscious Lovers. A Comedy.Print: Book
1800-1849'[Mary Smith] found emancipation in Shakespeare, Dryden, Goldsmith and other standard male authors, whom she extolled ...Mary Smith Richard SteelePrint: Book
1850-1899'[William Robertson] Nicoll's boyhood reading included Scott, Disraeli, the Brontes, Bulwer Lytton, Shelley, Johnson, ...William Robertson Nicoll Richard SteeleunknownPrint: Book
1850-1899'The essays of Steele and Addison, whose prose has so greatly influenced his own, seem to have impressed but, at this ...John Masefield Richard Steele[essays]Print: Book
1700-1799'Mary Martin came to live with me at 30s per year. Read "The Conscious Lovers" in the even.'Thomas Turner Richard SteeleThe Conscious LoversPrint: Book
1700-1799'Read Sir Richard Steele's Dedication of his Account of the state of the Roman Catholic Religion to the Pope'.Dudley Ryder Richard SteeleAn Account of the State of the Roman Catholic ReligionPrint: Book
Sir John Hammerton looking back on his early days in Glasgow when he left school and became a correspondence clerk, he...Sir John Hammerton Richard Steele[unknown]Print: Book
1700-1799'Looked over the first Vol. of the "Tatlers"...'Thomas Green Richard SteeleThe TatlerPrint: Book
1700-1799'It was on the 18: day of July 1773 that we were sitting in the blue Room at Streatham and were talking of Writers - S...Samuel Johnson Richard Steele[Essays]Print: Book, Serial / periodical


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