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Century of ExperienceEvidenceName of Reader / Listener / Reading GroupAuthor of TextTitle of TextForm of Text
1900-1945'Even those who read widely about sex often learned very little. In the 1920s Jennie Lee won a psychology degree from ...Jennie Lee Marie Stopes[unknown]Print: Book
1900-1945'when Gladys [Teal] took a job at a draper's shop around 1930, a female assistant gave her a Marie Stopes book on birt...Gladys Teal Marie Stopes[book on birth control]Print: Book
1900-1945'Houseservant Margaret Powell was unusually daring: she left Marie Stopes, along with the Kama Sutra and Havelock Elli...Margaret Powell Marie Stopes[book on sex]Print: Book


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