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'In the preface to Thomas Wilson's "The arte of Rhetorike, for the use of all such as are studious of Eloquence" (1567...Gabriel Harvey Thomas WilsonThe arte of Rhetorike, for the use of all such as are studious of EloquencePrint: Book
1800-1849'In this state of affairs I sent to my late partners for Secker's Lectures on the Catechism, Gilpin's Lectures on the ...James and Mary LackingtonThomas WilsonSermonsPrint: Book
1900-1945Passages transcribed into E. M. Forster, Commonplace Book (1938) include General R. T. Wilson's account of five Britis...Edward Morgan Forster General Sir Robert Thomas WilsonHistory of the British Expedition to EgyptPrint: Book
Marginal marks show signs of George Otto Trevelyan's close reading, as of a proof - he corrects errors, e.g. where the...George Otto Trevelyan Sir Robert Thomas WilsonPrivate diary of travels, personal services, and public events ...Print: Book
1700-1799Included in Reading Notes of Edward Pordage (c.1710): Notes on memory from the fifth edition of Thomas Wilson's The...Edward Pordage Thomas WilsonThe Arte of Rhetorike, for the vse of all suche as are studious of EloquencePrint: Book
1900-1945'Pray, when you see [Wilson] Follett, give him a warm greeting from me. His little book is one of these things one doe...Joseph Conrad Helen Thomas Follett (and Wilson Follett)Some Modern Novelists: Appreciations and EstimatesPrint: Book


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