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Century of ExperienceEvidenceName of Reader / Listener / Reading GroupAuthor of TextTitle of TextForm of Text
1800-1849"I have just been reading, for the fourth time, I believe, The Simple Story, which I intended this time to read as a c...Maria Edgeworth Elizabeth InchbaldA Simple StoryPrint: Book
1800-1849"This minute I hear a carman is going to Navan, and I hasten to send you the Cottagers of Glenburnie, which I hope you...Maria Edgeworth Elizabeth HamiltonThe Cottages of GlenburniePrint: Book
"... but I do send by a carman two volumes of Alfieri's Life and Kirwan's Essay on Happiness, and the ... edition of P...Maria Edgeworth Vittorio AlfieriMemoirsPrint: Book
1800-1849"I have read Corinne with my father, and I like it better than he does. In one word, I am dazzled by the genius, provo...Maria Edgeworth Germaine De StaelCorinnePrint: Book
1800-1849then pitied me [my father] for the ten-mile stage I had to go alone, but I did not pity myself, for I had Sir William ...Maria Edgeworth Sir William JonesAsiatic Miscellany. pieces and extracts from various publications consisting of translations, fugitive piecesPrint: Book
"I have been laughed at unmercifully by some of the phlegmatic personages around the library table for my impatience t...Maria Edgeworth John SargentThe Mine; to which are added two historic odes (The vision of Stonehenge and Mary Queen of Scots)Print: Book
1800-1849'I do not like Lord Byron's English Bards and Scotch reviewers, though, as my father says, the lines are very strong a...Maria Edgeworth George Gordon, Lord ByronEnglish Bards and Scotch Reviwers: a satirePrint: Book
1700-1799?My father will allow me to manufacture an essay on the logograph, he furnishing the soiled materials and I spinning t...Maria Edgeworth John WilkinsReal Character or an Essay towards universal philosophical languagePrint: Book
1700-1799?I will tell you what is going on, that you may see whether you like your daily bill of fare. ? There is a balloon han...Maria Edgeworth William NicholsonThe First Principles of ChemistryPrint: Book
1800-1849?I have been reading a power of good books; Montesquieu Sur la grandeur and d?cadence des Romains, which I recommend t...Maria Edgeworth Charles-Louis MontesquieuCauses de la grandeur des Romains et de leur decadencePrint: Book
1800-1849?We saw at Brussels two of the best Paris actors, and Madame Talma. The play was Racine?s Andromache (initiated in Eng...Maria Edgeworth Jean RacineAndromachePrint: Book
1700-1799?I have just excited his [her father?s] envy even to clasping his hands in distraction, by telling him of a man I met ...Maria Edgeworth James GrangerA Biographical history of England from Egbert the Great to the RevolutionPrint: Book
1800-1849?I have some idea of writing in the intervals of my severer studies for professional education, a comedy for my father...Maria Edgeworth Charles Robert DallasHistory of the Maroons, from their origin to the establishment of their chief tribe at Sierra Leone...Print: Book
?Now I do not know what you imagined in reading Sully?s Memoirs, but I always imagined the Arsenal was one large build...Maria Edgeworth Maxmillian de Bethune SullyMemoirsPrint: Book
?Have you seen Minor Morals by Mrs Smith ? There is in it a beautiful botanical poem called ?Calendar of Flora?.?Maria Edgeworth Charlotte SmithMinor Morals: interspersed with sketches of National history and historical anecdotes and original storiesPrint: Book
1800-1849?We saw today the residence of the Prince de Cond? - and of a long line of princes famous for virtue and talents ? the...Maria Edgeworth Stephanie Felicite de Genlis (Comtesse)Mademoiselle de ClermontPrint: Book
1800-1849?To comfort ourselves we had a most entertaining Voyage dans les Pays Bas, par M Breton, to read and the charming stor...Maria Edgeworth BretonVoyage dans les Pays BasPrint: Book
?One of her acts of beneficence [Madame Delessert] is recorded in Berquin?s Ami des Enfans but even her own children c...Maria Edgeworth BerquinAmi des Enfants: select stories for the instruction and entertainment of childrenPrint: Book
'Sneyd and Charlotte have begun Sir Charles Grandison: I almost envy them the pleasure of reading Clementina?s story f...Maria Edgeworth Samuel RichardsonSir Charles GrandisonPrint: Book
'You do not mention Madame Roland, therefore I am not sure whether you have read her; if you have only read her in the...Maria Edgeworth Marie-Jeanne Philipon Roland de la PlatiereMemoirsPrint: Book
1700-1799'The wife of an Indian yogi (if a yogi be permitted to have a wife) might be a very affectionate woman, but her sympat...Maria Edgeworth KalidasaSakuntala: or the lost ring - and Indian dramaPrint: Book
1700-1799[Half a page in praise of Evenings, beginning:] 'No one can be so injudicious, or so unjust, as to class the excellent...Maria Edgeworth John AikinEvenings at HomePrint: Book
1700-1799'The first books which are now usually put into the hands of a child are Mrs. Barbauld's "Lessons"; they are by far th...Maria Edgeworth Anna Letitia Barbauld (nee Aikin)Early Lessons for ChildrenPrint: Book
1800-1849'Yesterday morning I received the enclosed note from that most conceited and not over-well-bred Mons. de Lamartine. I...Maria Edgeworth Alphonse-Marie-Louis Prat de LamartineHistoire des GirondinsPrint: Book
1700-1799[from SHR's intro] 'It was probably Day's "Sandford and Merton" which induced her [Maria Edgeworth] to apply her natur...Maria Edgeworth Thomas DaySandford and MertonPrint: Book
1800-1849'Will you remember us kindly to Mr Dumont, and tell him that I have received his letter; and, that since I wrote to hi...Maria Edgeworth Thomas ThomsonAnnals of PhilosophyPrint: Serial / periodical
1800-1849'I have not been able to discover the author of the article in the Quarterly that you mention. We all admired it very ...Maria Edgeworth [n/a]Quarterly ReviewPrint: Serial / periodical
1800-1849'We have read the speech which you were so good as to send me, which I most truly consider as the effusion of honest f...Maria Edgeworth Samuel Romilly[speech on the Slave Trade]Manuscript: Unknown
1800-1849'I am afraid that we do not admire "Waverley" as much as it deserves. The praise you give it would almost induce me to...Maria Edgeworth Walter ScottWaverley; or, Tis Sixty Years SincePrint: Book


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