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Century of ExperienceEvidenceName of Reader / Listener / Reading GroupAuthor of TextTitle of TextForm of Text
1700-1799'Thomas Moore regularly read to his wife for two hours after dinner, at one point "going through Miss Edgeworth's work...Thomas Moore Maria Edgeworth[novels]Print: Book
1800-1849Byron's Journal (14 November 1813-19 April 1814), 5 Deecmber 1813: 'I showed ... [John Galt] Sligo's letter on the rep...Thomas Moore Lord Sligo (2nd marquis of)[letter on punishment of adultery in Turkey]Manuscript: Letter
1800-1849Byron's Ravenna Journal (4 January-27 February 1821), 15 January 1821: 'In the year 1814, Moore ... and I were going t...Thomas Moore Javanese newspaperPrint: Newspaper
1800-1849'Moore had owned that the Memoirs [of Byron] were of "such a low pot-house description" that [John Murray] could not h...Thomas Moore George Gordon Lord ByronMemoirsManuscript: Unknown
1800-1849John Murray to Lord Byron, 3 February 1814, on first reception of The Corsair: 'Never, in my recollection, has any ...Thomas Moore George Gordon Lord ByronThe CorsairPrint: Book


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