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Century of ExperienceEvidenceName of Reader / Listener / Reading GroupAuthor of TextTitle of TextForm of Text
1600-1699'I have read your Reyne Margerite and will retourne it you when you please. If you will have my opinion of her, I thin...Dorothy Osborne Marguerite de ValoisMemoires de la Reyne MargueritePrint: Book
1600-1699'Almanzor is as fresh in my memory, as if I had visitted his Tombe but Yesterday, though it bee at least seven yeare a...Dorothy Osborne Robert AshleyAlmansor the Learned and Victorious King that Conquered Spaine, His Life and DeathPrint: Book
1600-1699'You need not send mee Lady Newcastles book at all for I have seen it, and am sattisfyed that there are many soberer P...Dorothy Osborne Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle(?) Poems and FanciesPrint: Book
1600-1699'As long as your last [letter] was, I read it over thrice in less then an hower, though to say truth I skipt some on't...Dorothy Osborne William Temple[letter]Manuscript: Letter
1600-1699'I know you will pitty Poore Amestris strangly when you have read her Stoory[.] i'le swear I cryed for her when I read...Dorothy Osborne Madeleine de ScuderyArtamene; ou, Le Grand CyrusPrint: BookManuscript: Letter
1600-1699'the Storry [of Philemon and Baucis] pleases mee, none in Ovide soe much. I remember I cryed when I read it, mee thoug...Dorothy Osborne OvidMetamorphosesPrint: BookManuscript: Letter
1600-1699'Parthenissa is now my company[,] my Brother sent it downe and I have almost read it, tis hansome Language you would k...Dorothy Osborne Roger BoyleParthenissaPrint: BookManuscript: Letter
1600-1699'have you read the Story of China written by a Portuguese, Fernando Mendez Pinto I think his name is . . . tis as dive...Dorothy Osborne Fernao Mendes PintoPeregrinacaoPrint: BookManuscript: Letter


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