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Century of ExperienceEvidenceName of Reader / Listener / Reading GroupAuthor of TextTitle of TextForm of Text
1700-1799'[Pilkington reproduces her poem 'The Petition of the Birds', written for her fiance] This little poetical Essay met w...Matthew Pilkington Laetitia Van LewenPetition of the Birds, TheManuscript: Unknown
1700-1799[reported speech of Jonathan Swift] 'In the first Place, Mr [italics] Pilkington [end italics], she had the Insolence ...Matthew Pilkington Alexander Pope[letter to Swift]Manuscript: Letter
1700-1799'He [Matthew Pilkington] was one Winter's Evening reading [italics] Horace [end italics], and said he would engage to ...Matthew Pilkington HoraceOdesPrint: Book
1700-1799[Having written an ode in the manner of Horace, she showed it to her husband who had also written one and] 'who, contr...Matthew Pilkington Laetitia PilkingtonOde, AnManuscript: Unknown
1700-1799[Pilkington tells of how she wrote poems for a Mr Worsdale to pass off as his own and reproduces the Song 'Stella, Dar...Matthew Pilkington Laetititia Pilkington[verses on 'Stella']Manuscript: Unknown
1700-1799'as he [Mr Worsdale] was not willing that either of us shou'd believe him incapable of Writing, he used to shew Mr [it...Matthew Pilkington Laetititia Pilkington[poems claimed by James Worsdale as his own]Manuscript: Unknown
1700-1799'the Dean received from [italics] Spain [end italics], from one Mr [italics] Wogan [end italics], a green Velvet Bag, ...Matthew Pilkington Charles Wogan[various works sent to Jonathan Swift]Manuscript: Unknown


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