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Century of ExperienceEvidenceName of Reader / Listener / Reading GroupAuthor of TextTitle of TextForm of Text
1900-1945'I breakfasted luxuriously in my tent off porridge, fried ham and tea and afterwards read "Pickwick Papers", pausing n...Frank Smythe Charles DickensThe Pickwick PapersPrint: Book
1900-1945'I sat up late reading of Mr. Jingle's artifices, until at last I began to speculate drowsily as to that gentleman's p...Frank Smythe Charles DickensThe Pickwick PapersPrint: Book
1900-1945'Thanks to the efficiency of Mr Kydd, we were overtaken here by a runner, and spent a pleasant half-hour in the shade ...Frank Smythe newspapersPrint: Newspaper
1900-1945'They arrived late that evening bringing letters from home, and newspapers. As regards the world's news I confess that...Frank Smythe newspapersPrint: Newspaper
1900-1945'I lay in my sleeping bag reading Mr.Richard Aldington's cynical book "Death of a Hero". it is an admirable work but I...Frank Smythe Richard AldingtonDeath of a HeroPrint: Book
1900-1945'Fortunately Peter had lots of reading matter and he loaned me "Doctor Johnson".'Frank Smythe James BoswellA Life of Samuel JohnsonPrint: Book
1900-1945'I sat in my rickety camp chair which had been artfully and ingeniously repaired by [Sherpa] Wangdi to prevent it fall...Frank Smythe William ShakespeareSonnetsPrint: Book
1900-1945'There was nothing for me to do but lie in my sleeping bag,write up my botanical notes, read and in between whiles eat...Frank Smythe newspapers and weekly magazinesPrint: Newspaper, Serial / periodical
1900-1945'Our library too was a weighty affair. Shipton had the longest novel that had been published in recent years, Warren a...Frank Smythe Charles DickensMartin ChuzzlewitPrint: Book
1900-1945'Among the mail was "The Times" Special Coronation Supplement. The men were vastly intrigued with the pictures. "Tha...Frank Smythe The Times Special Coronation SupplementPrint: Newspaper


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