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Cage Fanny

Cage [Mrs C.]

Cain Francis

Caine Hall


Callcott Lady

Cambridge Ada

Cambridge Mr

Cambridge Richard Owen

Cameron Clare

Cammell John

Campbell Charles

Campbell George Douglas

Campbell Joseph

Campbell Patrick James

Campbell Thomas

Canes James


Canning George

Canning Mr

Canning Stratford


Cape Thomas

Cardus Neville


Carey Edward or George

Carey George or Edward

Carleton William

Carlyle Jack

Carlyle James

Carlyle John A.

Carlyle Margaret

Carlyle Margaret A.

Carlyle Thomas

Carnie Ethel

Caroline Queen

Carpenter Edward

Carpenter W. B.

Carrick [Mrs]

Carruthers Wully

Carter Elizabeth

Carter John

Carter Thomas

Cary Henry

Casaubon Meric

Case Emphie

Case Janet

Cass Mrs

Cass T.T.

Castieau Dotty

Castieau Harry

Castieau John Buckley

Castieau Polly

Castieau Sissy

Castieau Walter

Castle Edgar

Castle Mignon

Catchpool Thomas Corder Pettifor

Catlin George

Catlin John

Catling Thomas

Causley Charles

Causley Mrs

Cavendish Harriet

Cavendish Lady Georgina

Cavendish Lady Harriet

Cavendish William

Cecil Algernon

Channing J.

Chaplin Charles Spencer

Chapman Frederic

Chapman Maria Weston

Charlotte Lady

Charlotte Princess

Charlotte Queen

Charlton Margaret

Chase Mr

Chesterfield Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of

Chesterton Gilbert Keith

Chetham James

Cheyne Miss

Chirol Valentine

Cholmley F.

Chorley Henry Fothergill

Christian Reverend

Chrystie Johannes [ie John]

Church Richard

Churchill Sarah

Cibber Colley

Citrine Walter

Clairmont Claire

Clairmont Clara Mary Jane (Claire)

Clare John

Clarendon Lord

Clark Allen

Clark Charles

Clark Ethel

Clark James

Clark Richard

Clarke Allen

Clarke James Stanier

Clarke Marcus

Clarkson George Michael

Clarkson Thomas

Clayton Robert

Clegg James

Clemens Samuel Langhorne

Clements William

Clewes [Miss]

Clifford Ellen

Clifford Lady Anne

Clifford, Countess of Dorset, Pembroke, and Montgomery Anne

Clinton Louisa

Clive Caroline

Cloncurry Lady

Clough Anne Jemima

Clough Arthur Hugh

Clough Mr

Clough Violet

Clunie James

Clynes J.R.

Clynes John Robert

Cobbe Frances Power

Cobbett William

Cockell Katherine

Cockerell Sydney

Cockerelle [Mr]

Cockin Charles

Cocks Lady Margaret Maria

Coe William

Coghill Annie

Cohan Eve

Cole Celia

Cole Douglas

Cole John

Cole Margaret

Cole Miss

Cole WL

Cole [Mrs]

Cole Jr John

Coleman Emily

Coleridge Hartley

Coleridge Samuel Taylor

Coleridge Sara

Coleridge William

Coles Robert

Collier Dr

Collier J[?ane]

Collier Margaret

Collier Miss

Collins Charles

Collins J.C.

Collins James

Collins Thomas

Collyer Robert

Colvin Sidney

Commeline Jr The Rev. James


Common Jack

Conan Doyle Sir Arthur

Conniston Wat

Conrad Jessie

Conrad Joseph

Constable Frederick

Coobs George

Cooke George Frederick

Cooke Henry

Cooke Mary

Cooke [Mrs]

Cooke [Mr]

Cooper Eliza

Cooper Frederick

Cooper Gilbert

Cooper John J.

Cooper John James

Cooper Miss

Cooper Thomas

Coppard A.E.

Coppard Alfred Edgar

Cornith N.S.

Corrie Mr

Corrow John

Cottle Amos

Countess Granville Harriet

Countess of Bessborough Blanche

Courtney Janet

Coventry Sir William

Cowley Abraham

Cox Mrs

Coxe Mr

Crabb Robinson Henry

Crabbe George

Crabbe John

Crackenthorp William

Craig John H.S.

Craigie Pearl Mary Teresa

Craven [Countess]

Craven [Miss]

Craven [Mrs]

Crawfurd Helen

Creed John

Creed [Mrs]

Creighton Mr

Crew Lord

Crewe-Milnes Robert Offley Ashburton

Crisp Samuel

Crofts Ellen

Croker John Wilson

Crompton Florence Elizabeth

Crooks Will

Cross Arthur

Croswell Joseph

Crow Miss

Cumberlidge John

Cummings Bruce

Cunningham Peter

Curll Edmond

Curzon Lord

Cust Anne


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