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Odell Noel

of Abercorn Marquess

of Aberdeen Earl

of Exeter Bishop

of Gloucester and Bristol Bishop

of Lonsdale Earl

of Norwich Bishop

of Rutland Duke

of St David's Bishop

Okey Thomas

Oldenburg Henry

Oldys William

Oliphant Cyril

Oliphant Francis Romano (Cecco)

Oliphant Frank

Oliphant Maggie

Oliphant Margaret

Oliver Dame

Oliver Peter R.

Oliver S.P.

Olley William

Opie Amelia

Opie John

Orme Dr

Orrery John Boyle, 5th Earl of

Ortega Joseph

Osborn Sarah

Osborne Dorothy

Osrorne John

Ott John Henry

Owen Susan

Owen Wilfred

Owens William

Oxford Lady


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