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Century of ExperienceEvidenceName of Reader / Listener / Reading GroupAuthor of TextTitle of TextForm of Text
1800-1849'To Fanny' 'Oh! Name him not unless it be/...' 'T Haynes Bayly'Carey/Maingay groupNathaniel Thomas Haynes Bayly'The Forsaken to her Father'Print: UnknownUnknown
1800-1849'To Selina' 'I have known thee in the sunshine/of thy beauty and thy bloom/...'Carey/Maingay groupThomas Haynes BaylyI Have Known Thee in the SunshinePrint: UnknownUnknown
1800-1849'The Bridesmaid' 'The bridal is o'er the guests are all gone/...'Carey/Maingay groupThomas Haynes BaylyThe BridesmaidPrint: UnknownUnknown
1800-1849'"Deck not with Gems"' 'Deck not with gems that lovely form forme/...'Julia Thomas Haynes BaylyDeck Not With GemsPrint: UnknownUnknown
1800-1849'The Last Green Leaf' 'The last green leaf hangs lonely now/...'Carey/Maingay groupNathaniel Thomas Haynes BaylyThe Last Green LeafPrint: UnknownUnknown
1800-1849'The Bride Maid The bridal is over, the guests are all gone... Jany 18 1829'Bowly groupThomas Haynes BaylyThe BridesmaidUnknown
1600-1699'...and so took boat again and got to London before them. All the way, coming and going, reading in "The Wallflower" w...Samuel Pepys Thomas BaylyHerba Parietis or The wall-flower, as it grew out of the stone chamber belonging to Newgate, being a history which is partly true, partly romantick, morally devine, whereby a marriage between reality and fancy is solemnized by divinityPrint: Book


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