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1. Your name and contact details


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2. Evidence of the Reading Experience Notes

Please use this space to quote the words that act as the evidence of the reading experience. If no quotation exists, please describe your findings here in your own words. For legal reasons, we have limited entries here to 400 words (see below note). If entering marginalia, please follow this link.


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3. Source for the reading experience

Please select Print, Manuscript or Other.












Additional Information:Notes



4. Century of Reading Experience  

1450-1499 1500-1599 1600-1699 1700-1799
1800-1849 1850-1899 1900-1945 Unknown

And Date of Reading Experience (if known)  Notes

If you know the exact date of the reading experience, please use the first option ("Exact date") only. If you have a date range, please use the "Date range" option. Follow the link for more detailed guidance.



Exact date  




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5. Name of










Reading Group


Additional Comments

6. Age and Gender

Child (0-17) Adult (18-100+) Unknown
Male Female Unknown

7. Text Being ReadNotes

Author (if known)
Firstname (s)

Title (if known)
Please include subtitles if specified - e.g. The Marriage Offering: Or, A series of letters addressed to a young married lady; Embodying hints on the performance of household duties, and on the management of children. By a widow
Genre (s) and/or Subject Matter (choose as many as appropriate)Notes


Bible Sermon Other Religious Classics
Fiction Drama Essays / Criticism History
Poetry Children's Lit Social Science Heraldry
Biography Autobiog / Diary Geography / Travel Politics
Philosophy Education Sport / Leisure Crafts
Textbook / self-education Conduct books Law Science
Arts / architecture Cookery Medicine Ephemera
Mathematics Technology Emblem book
Natural history Miscellany / Anthology Astrology / alchemy / occult
Agriculture / horticulture / husbandry Reference / General works
Other (please specify):
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1. Form of Text

Please select Print, Manuscript or Unknown.













2. Any known publication details of the text being read

e.g. year, edition, publisher, translation.

3. Provenance (choose one)Notes  

Borrowed (circulating library) Found Subscription Library
Borrowed (institution library) Owned Unknown
Borrowed (private library) Read in situ  
Borrowed (public library) Reading group  
Borrowed (other) Stolen  
Other (please specifiy):  


If you have material relating to any of the categories below, please select the category to enter data.

1. Date of Birth of Reader / Listener

Note: boxes in this category can be left blank. For example, if you only know the year in which the reader / listener was born, only fill in that box.


Day:   Month: Year:

2. Socio-Economic Group of Reader / Listener:  

Unknown/NA Servant
Labourer (agricultural) Labourer (non-agricultural)
Clerk / tradesman / artisan / smallholder Clergy (includes all denominations)
Professional / academic / merchant / farmer Gentry
Royalty / aristocracy  
Other (please specify):  

3. Occupation of Reader / Listener

4. Religion of Reader / Listener

5. Country of Origin of Reader / Listener

6. Country of Experience of Reader / Listener

7. Time of Experience of Reader / ListenerNotes

Please select as many options as appropriate. Boxes are provided next to each field for any additional information that you might like to enter.



8. Place of Experience of Reader / ListenerNotes

Please select as many options as appropriate and complete the accompanying box if applicable. Follow the link for more detailed instructions and guidance.


 Specific Address
 Location in dwelling
 Other location

9. Listeners present if any: (e.g. family, servants, friends, workmates)Notes

Were any listeners present at the reading - for example, family, friends, servants or workmates? Please complete the box below. If you are completing this form for a listener rather than a reader, please list any other listeners present at this reading. Follow the link for more detailed instructions and guidance.

10. Type of Experience (Reader only)   Notes

Please select as many as appropriate from each of the following groups.


silent aloud unknown
solitary in company unknown
single event serial event unknown


Type of Experience (Listener only)  

Please select as many as appropriate from each of the following groups.

passive reactive unknown
single event serial event unknown

11. Additional CommentsNotes

Please add any comments that you think are necessary. For example, 'I am not certain of the reliability of this source', 'I have not entered all the relevant reading experiences from this book or manuscript'. 'These are marginal notes in a book', 'This is editorial commentary or interjection', 'this information comes from a secondary source', 'I have transcribed the words of an interview on 23 June, 1990, with Mrs Jane Smith, born in 1920', etc.


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