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1900-1945'Yesterday my Elizabeth and I went to the most remarkable poets' Reading I have ever attended. It was held at Lord Byr...Hilaire Belloc Hilaire Belloc'The Dons', 'The Poor of London'Unknown
1800-1849transcript of the poem headed 'battle of hohenlinden / campbell'Mary Groom Thomas CampbellHohenlindenUnknown
1800-1849transcript of the poem headed 'battle of hohenlinden / campbell'Mary Groom Thomas CampbellThe dirge of wallaceUnknown
1800-1849'death scene in gertrude of wyoming/ campbell'; there is also a footnote that gives the context of the scene in the tale.Mary Groom Thomas CampbellGertrude of Wyoming; a Pennsylvanian TaleUnknown
1800-1849'The Last Man by T. Campbell esq' [transcribes text] 'All worldly shapes shall melt in gloom...' Signed 'Fanny'Mary Dugdale Thomas CampbellThe Last ManUnknown
1700-1799'W[ordsworth] asked [William] Mathews in Oct. 1795 to "make me a present of that vol: of Bells forgotten poetry which ...William Wordsworth John BellBell's Classical Arrangement of Fugitive PoetryPrint: Book
1800-1849William Wordsworth to Francis Wrangham: 'Since I wrote to you I have read Dr Bell's Book upon Education ... it is a mo...William Wordsworth Andrew BellExperiment in Education made at the Asylum of Madras, AnPrint: Book
1800-1849Dorothy Wordsworth to Thomas De Quincey, 1 August 1809: '... I took the pains when I was in Kendal of going to the Boo...Dorothy Wordsworth Thomas CampbellGertrude of Wyoming (extracts)Print: Serial / periodical
1800-1849' ... the first three stanzas and two concluding stanzas of [Thoms] Campbell's poem [The Exile of Erin] were copied an...Sara Hutchinson Thomas CampbellExile of Erin, TheUnknown
1800-1849Byron to John Murray, 2 September 1814: ' ... [Thomas Campbell] has an unpublished (though printed) poem on a Scene in...George Gordon Lord Byron Thomas CampbellLines on Leaving a Scene in BavariaPrint: Unknown
1800-1849Byron's Ravenna Journal (4 January-27 February 1821), 10 January 1821: 'Looked over accounts. Read Campbell's Poets -...George Gordon Lord Byron Thomas CampbellSpecimens of the British Poets (including prefatory Essay on English Poetry)Print: BookUnknown
1800-1849Byron's Ravenna Journal (4 January-27 February 1821), 10 January 1821: '[after going out to hear music] Came home -- ...George Gordon Lord Byron Thomas CampbellSpecimens of the British Poets (including prefatory Essay on English Poetry)Print: BookUnknown
1800-1849Byron's Ravenna Journal (4 January-27 February 1821), 11 January 1821: 'In reading, I have just chanced upon an expres...George Gordon Lord Byron Thomas CampbellSpecimens of the British Poets (including prefatory Essay on English Poetry)Print: Book
1800-1849Byron's Ravenna Journal (4 January-27 February 1821), 12 January 1821: 'Read the Poets -- English that is to say -- ou...George Gordon Lord Byron Thomas CampbellSpecimens of the British Poets (including prefatory Essay on English Poetry)Print: Book
1900-1945'James Murray, a Glasgow woodcarver, represented the kind of reader Dent and Rhys were trying to reach. He credited Ev...James Murray Edward BellamyLooking Backward: 2000-1887Print: Book
1800-1849Dorothy Wordsworth's Grasmere Journal, Monday 1 February, 1802: 'In the morning a Box of clothes with Books came from ...Dorothy Wordsworth Thomas CampbellThe Pleasures of HopePrint: Book
1800-1849'Tea between 9 and 10. I read aloud a little of 'The Pleasures of Hope'. Mrs Barlow [friend and lover] sat hemming one...Anne Lister Thomas CampbellThe Pleasures of HopePrint: Book
1800-1849'Finished Derham's "Physico Theology" and read Campbell's narrative of a Voyage round the world'.Benjamin Newton Archibald CampbellA Voyage Round the World, from 1806-1812Print: Book
1900-1945'as an office boy, Pritchett tried to read widely and dreamt of an escape to Bohemia. But his knowledge of the Latin Q...Victor Sawdon Pritchett Hilaire Belloc[unknown]Print: Book
1800-1849'It was about this time that I first read that very beautiful poem, "The Pleasures of Hope". I also repersued a large ...Thomas Carter Thomas CampbellThe Pleasures of HopePrint: Book
1700-1799?With this proposal I of course readily closed and accordingly the next day my father gave me the 1st vol of the "Univ...John Marsh John CampbellThe Universal HistoryPrint: Book
1900-1945[List of books read in 1945]: 'For Whom the Bell Tolls; Henry Brocken; Doctor Faustus; Life of the Bee; The Screwtape...Hilary Spalding Neil BellHandsome Langleys, ThePrint: Book
1800-1849'He also again freely supplied me with the loan of books. At this time he lent me several volumes of the "New Monthly ...Thomas Carter Thomas CampbellLetters from AlgiersPrint: Serial / periodical
1800-1849'there was always poetry. Campbell, just then at the top of his short-lived vogue; Ossian, the unreadable of to-day; M...Anne Isabella (Annabella) Milbanke Thomas Campbell[poetry]Print: Book
1800-1849Mary Berry, Journal, 26 June 1812: 'We dined with the Princess [of Wales] at Kensington. The company: Lady C. Lindsay...Thomas Campbell Thomas CampbellFirst discourse upon PoetryUnknown
1800-1849Mary Berry, Journal, 9 March 1814: 'I dined with Madame de Stael; nobody but Campbell the poet, Rocca, and her own dau...Thomas Campbell Thomas Campbelldiscourse on English poetry and poetsUnknown
1700-1799'Brought Donald Campbell's "Journey Over Land to India" [from the Library]. We had a very high character given of it &...Joseph Hunter Donald CampbellA Journey Over Land to IndiaPrint: Book
1700-1799'I finished D. Campbell's "Journey over land to India". It is divided into three parts ... the story of Mr [Alli?] who...Joseph Hunter Donald CampbellA Journey Over Land to IndiaPrint: Book
1800-1849'Lines written to the Memory of Sir G Campbell' 'To Him whose loyal, brave, and gentle heart/...'Carey/Maingay groupThomas CampbellLines Inscribed on the Monument Lately... ErectedPrint: UnknownUnknown
1800-1849'Battle of Hohenlinden' 'On Linden when the Sun was low/...'Carey/Maingay groupThomas Campbell'Hohenlinden' OR [The Pleasures of Hope]Print: UnknownUnknown
1800-1849'A Fragment' 'And say when summoned from the world and thee/...' ['The Pleasures of Hope', part one, ll. 239-248. Some...Carey/Maingay groupThomas CampbellThe Pleasures of HopePrint: UnknownUnknown
1800-1849'Lines by Mrs Siddons Say what's the brightest wreath of fame, ... >From Campbell's Life of Mrs Siddons Dec 1834'Bowly groupThomas CampbellLife of Mrs SiddonsUnknown
1850-1899'when I was eleven a school history-book containing biographies of Sir Thomas More, Sir Philip Sidney, and Sire John E...Edwin Muir Thomas CampbellLord Ullin's DaughterPrint: Book
1900-1945'These artless idealists had their favourite authors, which I now proceeded to read...Their piece de resistance was Si...Joseph Stamper Edward BellamyLooking BackwardsPrint: Book
1900-1945'Friday, 19th February, Last night?s meeting was a drawn battle. The ?wants? and the ?don?t wants? did an immen...Gerald Moore Hilaire BellocPath to RomePrint: Book
1900-1945'Sunday, 28th February, Discussion Group ? We read four plays from which we intend to choose our programme for the su...Gerald Moore J.J. BellThread o' ScarletPrint: Book
1900-1945'Monday, 22nd March, Read ? ?The eye ? witness? (H. Belloc).' Gerald Moore Hilaire BellocThe Eye-WitnessPrint: Serial / periodical
1900-1945'Tuesday 3rd August. ?Pongo and the Bull? ? ( Belloc)'. Gerald Moore Hilaire BellocPongo and the BullPrint: Book
1900-1945'Sunday 12th September ?Jurgen? (James Branch Cabell)'. Gerald Moore James Branch CabellJurgenPrint: Book
1700-1799'Began Campbell's "Rhetoric"...'Thomas Green George CampbellThe Philosophy of RhetoricPrint: Book
1800-1849'Read Campbell's "Pleasures of Hope". Parts of this Poem are animated and fine...'Thomas Green Thomas CampbellThe Pleasures of HopePrint: Book
Letter to Miss Dunbar May 1802 [see note] 'Did I tell you I read "Campbell?s Pleasures of Hope" at Wells and was charm...Anne Grant [nee MacVicar] Thomas CampbellPleasures of hopePrint: Book
1900-1945'Yes I know Sudermann ? his play ?Magda? was one of Mrs Pat. Campbell?s great parts ? and I believe he was the author ...Winifred Agnes Moore Olwen Ward CampbellShelley and the UnromanticsPrint: Book
1800-1849'Saturday Sept. 9th. Read Philosophical Survey of the South of Ireland written as it is said by one Campbell. 'S...Claire Clairmont Thomas CampbellA Philosophical Survey of the South of Ireland, in a Series of Letters to John Watkinson, M.D.Print: Book
1800-1849'Friday December 22nd. [...] Read the tragedy of Gabrielle de Vergy by Belloi and False Delicacy an English Comedy t...Claire Clairmont Pierre-Laurent Buirette de BelloyGabrielle de Vergy, tragediePrint: Book
1800-1849'I remember that I had to learn, with another schoolfellow (Nesbet), an act from Home's tragedy of Douglas, and a long...Samuel Smiles CampbellThe Wizard's WarningPrint: Book
Brief notes on the front flyleaf, and some marginal notes in English and French throughout.Vernon Lee Camille BellaiguePsychologie musicalePrint: Book
1700-1799'It is not my interest to recommend it but in justice to what I owe to your amusement I must advise you to read the Le...Horace Walpole Pierre-Laurent Buirette de BelloyLe Siege de CalaisPrint: Book
1850-1899'I somehow could not think the gulph so impassable and read him some notes on the Duke of Argyll.'Robert Louis Stevenson George Campbell, 8th Duke of ArgyllThe Reign of LawPrint: Book
1850-1899'I have meditated also a large work, on the Plan of ... Campbell's Chancellors ...'Robert Louis Stevenson John Lord CampbellLives of the Lord Chancellors etcPrint: Book
1900-1945'Clive Bell's Art had been published in February 1914. It propounded the concept of "Significant form", but Virginia...Virginia Woolf Clive BellArtPrint: Book
1900-1945Virginia Woolf to Quentin Bell, 26 November 1933: 'I read your letter with great pleasure in Time and Tide; it seem...Virginia Woolf Quentin BellletterPrint: Serial / periodical
1800-1849'Pray do you now and then read modern Biography? I have been highly entertained, & even interested by the Memoirs of M...Sarah Harriet Burney Thomas CampbellLife of Mrs SiddonsPrint: Book
1900-19456 March 1920: 'On Thursday, dine with the MacCarthys, & the first Memoir Club meeting [hosted by MacCarthys]. A highly...Clive Bell Clive Bellautobiographical essayManuscript: Unknown
1900-19456 March 1920: 'On Thursday, dine with the MacCarthys, & the first Memoir Club meeting [hosted by MacCarthys]. A highly...Vanessa Bell Vanessa Bellautobiographical essayManuscript: Unknown
1900-1945Monday 6 February 1922: 'What a sprightly journalist Clive Bell is! I have just read him, & see how my sentences would...Virginia Woolf Clive Bell[journalism] Unknown
1850-1899'Miss Maggie Bell has sent me [a] MS. novel to look over, - she is a nice person, and I know I once wanted to help sor...Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell Maggie Bell[MS. novel]Manuscript: Unknown
1850-1899'I thank you too for C.E. and A. Bell's poems (my copy has never turned up)'Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell Currer Bell [pseud.]Poems by Currer, Ellis, and Acton BellPrint: Book
1900-1945Leonard Woolf to Lytton Strachey, 3 September 1905: 'Euphrosne arrived. It is a queer medley. There are only 3 thin...Leonard Woolf Clive Bell, Walter Lamb, Lytton Strachey, Saxon Sydney-Turner, Leonard Woolf et alEuphrosneUnknown
1800-1849'I take this opportunity of returning you A.K.'s fragments. I do believe it has been of material service... as for A.K...Louisa, Lady Stuart George Anne BellamyMemoirs of George Anne BellamyPrint: Book
1850-1899'Dr John Campbell, the celebrated political and biographical writer, being mentioned, Johnson said, "Campbell is a man...Samuel Johnson John CampbellHermippus Redivivus: Or, the Sage's Triumph Over Old Age and the Grave. Print: Book
1800-1849'Many friends of Somersby days have told me of the exceeding consideration and love which my father showed his mother ...Alfred Tennyson CampbellPrint: Book
1700-1799'[Dr Thomas Campbell, who dined with Johnson on 3 April 1775] has since published "A Philosophical Survey of the South...James Boswell Thomas CampbellPhilosophical Survey of the South of Ireland, in a series of letters Print: Book
1700-1799' [Johnson said] "When Lord Lyttelton's 'Dialogues of the Dead' came out, one of which is between Apicius, an ancient ...Samuel Johnson John CampbellPolitical Survey of Great Britain, APrint: Book
1850-1899'Figure to yourself, I wrote a review of Lord Lorne for "Vanity Fair" − a few pages of scurrility that I wrote l...Robert Louis Stevenson John Douglas Sutherland Campbell, Marquess of LorneGuido and Lita: A Tale of the Riviera.Print: Book
1900-1945'Yesterday I read bits of Barbellion, whose life seemd to be filled, like mine, with rejected manuscripts.'Vera Brittain W.N.P. BarbellionunknownPrint: Book
1900-1945'The poets John read at Highgate Junior School included Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Thomas Campbell and Edgar Allan Poe'.John Betjeman Thomas CampbellPrint: Book
1900-1945'I read "My Greatest Adventure" by Malcolm Campbell. While treasure hunting on the Cocos, he mentions as typical of th...Thomas Kitching Malcolm CampbellMy Greatest AdventurePrint: Book
1900-1945'At 7.15pm, I go to a new series of readings from famous authors on the English countryside - selections from Mary Web...prisoners of warAdrian Bell[unknown]Print: Book
1800-1849'We may suspect that the library was dearer to Papa and Annabella than to Mamma [...] She liked visiting the neighbour...Sir Ralph and Anne Isabella MilbankeThomas CampbellPrint: Book
1800-1849Wednesday, 23 January 1829: 'Mr. Bell sends me a spec[i]ment [sic] of a Historical novel but he goes not the way to...Walter Scott Bell'specimen of a historical novel'Unknown

[Charlotte Bronte to Sydney Dobell, 3 February 1854:]

'"Balder" arrived safely. I looked at him, bef...

Charlotte Bronte Sydney DobellBalderPrint: Book

'A Meeting held at Grove House May 3rd H. B. Lawson in the chair

Min 1. Minutes of last Read and approved

Howard Smith Hilaire BellocCautionary Tales for ChildrenUnknown


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