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Century of ExperienceEvidenceName of Reader / Listener / Reading GroupAuthor of TextTitle of TextForm of Text
1900-1945'Dear Edward Garnett, (For I suppose it is you who have written the very masterly review of my novel in the Nation.)....Arnold Bennett Edward Garnettreview of 'The Old Wives' Tale'Print: Serial / periodical
1900-1945'Your introductions to Turgenev?s novels were an event in my history?if that interests you.' Arnold Bennett Edward Garnettintroductions to novels by TurgenevPrint: Book
1850-1899'Now I only want to say that "An Imagined World " charmed my eyes with a charm of its own-distinc[t]ly.'Joseph Conrad Edward GarnettAn Imagined WorldPrint: Book
1900-1945E. M. Forster to Edward Garnett, 28 October 1907: 'You said I might write to you about The Breaking Point. I think ...Edward Morgan Forster Edward GarnettA Censored Play: The Breaking PointPrint: Book
1900-1945'Your article on [Icelandic] Sagas first rate and extracts quoted are good. I quite see how one could get dramas out ...Joseph Conrad Edward Garnett'The Icelandic Sagas' Print: Serial / periodical
1900-1945'I got the play ["The Breaking Point"] at 9 this morning. I've shut myself up with it at once and I won't come out of ...Joseph Conrad Edward GarnettThe Breaking PointPrint: unclear whether MS or printed playscript
1900-1945'Thanks for the play ["The Feud"] which reached me today and as you may imagine was read at once.' Hence follow a page...Joseph Conrad Edward GarnettThe FeudPrint: playscript
1900-1945'It was ever so good of you to have sent me the Hogarth little book. I knew practically nothing of the man and I was g...Joseph Conrad Edward GarnettHogarthPrint: Book
1900-1945'Phew! This [ "The Trial of Jeanne d'Arc" ] is fine.Just one word as the curtain falls for the last time.[...]. I'll w...Joseph Conrad Edward GarnettThe Trial of Jeanne d'Arc Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945'I hadn't turned over the 3rd page when I let out a whistle of respectful admiration.' Hence follows a page of praise...Joseph Conrad Edward GarnettLords and MastersPrint: playscript
1900-1945'You have succeeded so well in effacing your personality in that little book ["Tolstoy: A Study"] ( and very interesti...Joseph Conrad Edward GarnettTolstoy:A Study (also catalogued as Tolstoy: His Life and Writings)Print: Book
1900-1945'Your opening pages [of "Turgenev: A Study"] are excellent , excellent! I was much delighted with your masterly thrust...Joseph Conrad Edward GarnettTurgenev: A StudyPrint: Book
1900-1945'I return to you the type and the proof which you have sent me. The "English Review" thing is wonderfully done, [...]....Joseph Conrad Edward GarnettTruth's Welcome HomePrint: proof
1900-1945'I return to you the type and the proof which you have sent me. The "English Review" thing is wonderfully done, [...]....Joseph Conrad Edward GarnettA Week in ParisManuscript: typescript
1900-1945'I didn't thank you for the book ["Papa's War and Other Satires" ] by letter because I knew I was coming to town at on...Joseph Conrad Edward GarnettPapa's War and Other SatiresPrint: Book
1900-1945'I must thank you for the volume which has just arrived.[...]. What I have felt and thought is more suitable for talk...Joseph Conrad Edward GarnettFriday Nights: Literary Criticism and Appreciation, First SeriesPrint: Book


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