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Century of ExperienceEvidenceName of Reader / Listener / Reading GroupAuthor of TextTitle of TextForm of Text
1900-1945Saturday 30 January 1915: '[Leonard] was kept late at Hampstead: didn't get home till 10.15 [...] He read Janet "The...Leonard Woolf Leonard Woolf'The Three Jews'Manuscript: Unknown
1900-1945Sunday 31 January 1915: 'After tea [...] I started reading The Wise Virgins, & I read it straight on until bedtime, ...Virginia Woolf Leonard WoolfThe Wise Virgins, A Story of Words, Opinions, and a Few EmotionsManuscript: Unknown
1900-19457 January 1920: 'Reading Empire & Commerce to my genuine satisfaction, with an impartial delight in the closeness, pas...Virginia Woolf Leonard WoolfEmpire and Commerce in Africa. A Study in Economic ImperialismUnknown
1900-1945Maurice B. Wright to Leonard Woolf, 15 September 1913: 'I should like to thank you for your book The Village in the...Maurice B. Wright Leonard WoolfThe Village in the JunglePrint: Book
1900-1945Marie Woolf to Leonard Woolf (reader's son), 11 December 1913: 'I am now returning you the Manuscript [of The Wise ...Marie Woolf Leonard WoolfThe Wise VirginsManuscript: Unknown
1900-1945Robert Offley Ashburton Crewe-Milnes, Marquess of Crewe, to Leonard Woolf, 29 July 1940: 'I read your article on th...Robert Offley Ashburton Crewe-Milnes Leonard Woolfarticle on 'the politician and the intellectual'Print: Serial / periodical
1900-1945Leonard Woolf to Margery Perham, 24 August 1955: 'Did you ever come across [Charles] Temple, who was in the Nigeria...Charles Temple Leonard WoolfEmpire and Commerce in AfricaPrint: Book
1900-1945E. M. Forster to Leonard Woolf, before 24 May 1912: 'Dear Woolf 'It's a good story. Try the English Review -- I ...Edward Morgan Forster Leonard WoolfstoryManuscript: Unknown


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