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Century of ExperienceEvidenceName of Reader / Listener / Reading GroupAuthor of TextTitle of TextForm of Text
1850-1899'[Rose Macaulay] relished such island shipwreck stories as Swiss Family Robinson'Rose Macaulay Johann David WyssSwiss Family RobinsonPrint: Book
1850-1899On 8 September 1854 Christiana Thompson noted in her diary that her children Elizabeth and Alice (later Alice Meynell)...Thompson FamilyJohann David WyssThe Swiss Family RobinsonPrint: Book
1800-1849'Sunday August 20th. [...] Read Swiss Family Robinson Crusoe.' Claire Clairmont Johann David WyssThe Family Robinson Crusoe: Or, Journal of a Father Shipwrecked, with his Wife and Children, on an Uninhabited IslandPrint: Book
1900-1945'I read the whole of Swiss Family Robinson, and was not deterred by the bloodstain which had obliterated half the prin...Richard Church Johann WyssThe Swiss Family RobinsonPrint: Book


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