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Century of ExperienceEvidenceName of Reader / Listener / Reading GroupAuthor of TextTitle of TextForm of Text
1850-1899'Was pleased with Harry. This evening he read a scene with me from the School for Scandal & showed a good deal underst...Harry Castieau Richard Brinsley SheridanSchool for ScandalPrint: Book
1850-1899'Was very pleased this evening at hearing the children read. They sat round their mamma & read verse about a chapter o...Harry Castieau [n/a]BiblePrint: Book, Serial / periodical
1850-1899'While out to-night we purchased Whitford's stories of "Under the Dray". There is not much in them but they are decide...Harry Castieau WhitfordThe Larrikin's StoryPrint: Book
1850-1899'I had all the youngsters in my own charge. We got on however capitally for I found a nice story in Chatterbox which I...Harry Castieau [n/a]Bible (New Testament)Print: Book
1850-1899'After tea I read with Harry some Dramatic [?]. Harry understands well what he reads, but is in too great a hurry & co...Harry Castieau [unknown][unknown]Print: Book
1850-1899'"Telo" one of the Age staff was hunting up material for an Article & spent the whole day in the prison. He had some l...Harry Castieau [unknown][unknown]Print: Unknown
1850-1899'He read to-night Mark Antony's Oration very fairly indeed for a boy of his age'Harry Castieau William ShakespeareAnthony and CleopatraPrint: Book
1850-1899'Heard Harry read & was much pleased with the understanding he shows though he is at times very careless with regard t...Harry Castieau [unknown][unknown]Print: Unknown
1850-1899'Harry & I then read a dialogue & this brought the time right for the theatre, where Telo took Mrs Castieau, the girls...Harry Castieau [unknown][drama?]Print: Book
1850-1899'After tea Harry began to read & was pretty successful with his lesson for which he was duly rewarded a mark.'Harry Castieau [unknown][unknown]Print: Book
1850-1899'While Darvall was with us this evening, Harry was anxious to show off his reading & so essayed a Piece. He was howeve...Harry Castieau [unknown][unknown]Print: Book
1850-1899'heard Harry & Sissy read'Harry Castieau [unknown][unknown]Print: Book
1850-1899'Heard Harry read, but was very bilious & unwell'Harry Castieau [unknown][unknown]Print: Book
1850-1899'Read a part of a very good novel, "Married beneath him". Heard Harry read & then played a Game of Bezique with Polly'Harry Castieau [unknown][unknown]Print: Book
1850-1899'Harry this evening commenced reading McAuley's (sic) History of England. He is getting a great deal too fond of Plays...Harry Castieau Thomas Babington MacaulayHistory of EnglandPrint: Book
1850-1899'In the evening I read to the youngsters out of Peter [Parley?] & then heard Harry read a Page of Macauley. Went into ...Harry Castieau Thomas Babington MacaulayHistory of EnglandPrint: Book
1850-1899'Was at home all the evening. Heard Sissy & Harry read, read a little myself & went off to bed tolerably early'Harry Castieau [unknown][unknown]Print: Unknown
1850-1899'In the evening I heard Harry read. He could not however get on very well & so I turned him over to his mother & playe...Harry Castieau [unknown][unknown]Print: Book
1850-1899'I must not forget however I read out of "Good Words" a very amusing sketch of a Dutchman's troubles in London from th...Harry Castieau [unknown][unknown]Print: Book
1850-1899'Went to the Athenaeum & had a look at the papers, in the evening after tea read for a while & then played a game of B...Harry Castieau [unknown][unknown]Print: Book


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