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Century of ExperienceEvidenceName of Reader / Listener / Reading GroupAuthor of TextTitle of TextForm of Text
1600-1699'after, tell night, I kept Companie with Mr Hoby who reed a whill of Cartwrights book to me'Thomas Hoby Thomas CartwrightA Replye to an Answere made of M. Doctor Whitegifte agaynst the Admonition to the ParliamentPrint: Book
1600-1699'and, after, Hard Mr Hoby read of perkins tell all most 5 a clock'Thomas Hoby William Perkins[unknown]Print: Book
1600-1699'gott Mr Hoby to Read some of perkines to me, and, after diner, I red as Longe as I Could my selfe'Thomas Hoby William Perkins[unknown]Print: Book
1600-1699'then Mr Hoby reed to me and an other gentlewoman Came to me, with whom I talked tell 5 a Clocke'Thomas Hoby [unknown][unknown]Print: Book
1600-1699'was so ill that I Could not goe to the publecke exercises, but Mr Hoby reed in the morninge to me and praied with me'Thomas Hoby [unknown][unknown]Print: Book
1600-1699'after I Came home Mr Hoby rede to me a sarmon of Vdale'Thomas Hoby John Udall[Sermons]Print: Book
1600-1699'at Night went to priuatt praier, after Mr Hoby had reed vnto me some notes of Mr Egertons Lecturs'Thomas Hoby Egerton[lectures]Unknown


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