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a member of the XII Book Club

a tutor


Abercorn Lord

Abercrombie The Hon. James

Aberdeen Lord

Ablin Nicholas Benigne

Acorn George

Acton John Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron


Adams Dr

Adams William

Adams William Edwin

Aikin John

Aikin Lucy

Aikin Martha

Ainsworth John Horrocks

Aland John Fortescue

Albert Prince

Aldrich William

Aldus William

Alexander Elizabeth T.

Alexander Mr

Alexander Robert

Alexander Victor

Alexander, second Earl of Rosslyn James

Alfieri Count Vittorio

Allaway John


Allen Fanny

Allen Mr


Amiel Mr

Anderson Hastings

Anderson Robert

Andrews Mr

Angerstein William

Angus [?] Miss


anon James

anon L

anon M

anon Willie

anon [a cab driver]

anon [A customer of Old Willy's in the Leather and nail line]

Anon [a grocer]

anon [a Lancashire man]

anon [a priest]

anon [Dave, friend of W.H. Davies]

anon [friend of Byron's, probably Dallas]

Anon [M35B]

anon [unknown student]

anon (admirer of Mary Russell Mitford)

anon [a boy]

anon [a colours sergeant]

anon [an army officer]

anon [servant of Helena Swanwick]

Ap Rees Mr

Arbuthnot Charles

Arch Joseph

Archbishop of York

Archer Isaac

Ardington Mr

Argent Frank

Aris Thomas


Armstrong Chester

Arnold Mary

Arnold Mary Augusta

Arnold Matthew

Arnold William

Arnould Joseph

Arundel Samuel

Ashford Mary Ann

Ashley Jack

Aske Euerill

Asquith Herbert

Asquith Lady Cynthia

Asquith Margot

Asquith Violet

Astell Mary

Aston Mr

Aubrey John

Austen Anna

Austen Anne

Austen Captain Frank

Austen Cassandra

Austen Cassandra Elizabeth

Austen Cassandra Leigh

Austen Catherine

Austen Charles

Austen Francis William

Austen George

Austen Henry

Austen James

Austen James Edward

Austen Jane

Austen [Mrs Francis]

Austen [Mrs James]

Austen-Leigh James Edward

Austin Charles

Austin John

Ayton William Edmonstoune


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