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the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945...

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Tait A. C.
Talbot Catherine
Talbot, Countess of Shrewsbury Mary
Talfourd Thomas Noon
Tanner William
Tayler William
Taylor Dorothea
Taylor Dr
Taylor Henry
Taylor John
Taylor Mary
Taylor William
Teal Gladys
Teer John
Tellar Mark
Temple Charles
Tennyson Alfred
Tennyson Alfred, Lord
Tennyson Audrey
Tennyson Emily
Tennyson Hallam
Terry E.
Terry [Miss]
Thackeray Ann
Thackeray Anne
Thackeray Anne Isabella
Thackeray Harriet Marian (Minny)
Thackeray William Makepeace
Thelwall John
Thom William
Thomas Barnholt
Thomas Charles
Thomas David John
Thomas Dylan
Thomas Mary
Thomas Michael
Thomas Tom
Thompson Alice
Thompson Bonar
Thompson Christiana
THompson Flora
Thompson Francis
Thompson Laura
Thompson Miss
Thompson Thomas
Thompson William George
Thomson Charles Poulett
Thomson Christopher
Thrale Henry
Thrale Hester
Thrale Hester Lynch
Thrale Hester Maria
Thrale Susan
Thrale Susanna Arabella
Tibble Anne
Ticknor George
Tighe Henry
Tilke Samuel Westcott
Tillett Ben
Tilman W.H.(Bill)
Tilson [Mrs James]
Tinsley Sarah
Tinsley William
Tipper Thomas
Todd George
Todd Marjory
Tomlinson G.A.W.
Tomlinson H.M.
Tooke Benjamin
Toole Joseph
Toosey Jane
Towers Dr
Towers Joseph
Trelawny Edward
Trevelyan Charles Philips
Trevelyan George Macaulay
Trevelyan George Otto
Trevor Sir John
Trimmer Selina
Tring Thomas
Trollope Fanny
Trollope Frances
Tryon Thomas
Turnbull George
Turner Margaret 'Peggy'
Turner Mary
Turner Peggy
Turner Thomas
Tyndall John
Tytler Mr

Browse by Reader

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